LG G6 in-depth camera review – Photo & 4K video samples

LG set a high standard for phone cameras with the V10, and it was something of a disappointment to find the G5 did not inherit all of those wonderful options and controls. The G6 represents something of a rebirth for the G series. Does it catch us up to the V20, or is LG still separating “consumer” and “professional” handsets?

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Reader Poll: Galaxy S6 vs Lumia 930 – UHD Video Showdown!

Two phones enter! YOU decide which phone leaves!

Watch the video, pitting the Galaxy S6 against the Lumia 930 (Icon) in an Ultra HD showdown, make sure you go fullscreen and bump up the quality, then vote in the poll below!

NX1 Cinema 4K Video Samples: 4096 x 2160 from Samsung’s Pro Mirrorless Camera

We’re just starting to review the NX1, but that doesn’t mean we can’t share some video samples! Samsung’s newest APS-C mirrorless camera is a beast capable of shooting true Cinema 4K resolution. Here’s an afternoon in Los Angeles shot in Ultra High Definition. Be sure to hit full screen, and toggle your quality settings to see every picture from this monster video file. Enjoy!

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FFC VLOG: Will the iPhone 6 EVER be able to shoot 4K? NO. Here’s why. (shot on LG G3)

After producing our iPhone 6 camera review, I got a handful of comments from folks wondering if the iPhone 6 will ever be able to shoot UHD video. Unfortunately, I think it’ll be impossible, but not because the phone isn’t powerful enough. Let’s do a little math…

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LG G3 Camera Review: UHD Video Test and Samples (2160p)

To go along with that impressive Quad HD screen, you’ll probably want to shoot some Ultra-HD video! At four times the resolution of 1080p, the LG G3 camera is capable of capturing some stunning footage. We run the AT&T version through our real world camera benchmarks to see how it performs!

LG G3 Camera Review – HD Video Test and Samples.
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LG G3 First Impressions.

‘Breaking Bad’ Coming to Netflix in 4K!

breaking bad 4k netflixNetflix debuted their Ultra-HD service this year with the second season of House of Cards, allowing viewers to watch the series with an image resolution four times that of 1080p.

Now Netflix has announced via their blog that the next series to make the transition to 4K will be Breaking Bad, giving me yet another reason to re-watch the whole series… Again…

Netflix recommends at least a 20Mbps data connection to stream 4K video, as the stream stream clocks in at around 16Mbps. Puts that “50 megs innernet” offered up here in LA into perspective. The future is coming, and our current infrastructure probably wont handle it well.

If you’re groovy enough to own a 4K TV, be on the look out for Breaking Bad in Ultra-HD starting in June.

Lenovo CES Assault: Wrapping up with the Thinkpad 8, ThinkVision, and Thinkpad X1 Carbon

Thinkpad 8_Wifi_Win 8_04Ok sure. Lenovo is ramping up their consumer offerings, but I know them as the “Think” company, and they’re always going to get my attention with new pro gear.

Starting small, the Thinkpad 8 is an eight inch 1080p mini-tab powered by an Intel BayTrail Quad Core. Performance should slot in well between ARM powered tablets and low powered Core processors while still offering a full Windows 8 experience. None of the limitations of Windows RT, you get all the new apps and full support for legacy software. As it’s focused towards the business pro on the go, you’ll also be able to sign up LTE and 3G data service (carrier support to be announced. Add in up to 128GB of storage and a max price of $429, and Lenovo will have a handy competitor in the mini-tab arena.

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IFA 2013: Panasonic Toughpad 4K – a 20 inch tablet running Windows 8.1

panasonic toughpad 4k ifa somegadgetguyIt’s audacious. PC sales are slowing up, so tech companies need to come up with new product lines to excite the public. Microsoft is blurring the lines between tablets and PC’s with Windows 8, and manufacturers are starting to develop hardware based on that shift.

Panasonic is making the Toughpad 4K a real product. A year ago they showed off a proof of concept 4K display running Windows. Soon you’ll be able to buy one!

This 20″ display has a resolution of 3840×2560, and is being marketed towards graphics and design professionals. In addition to touch controls, there’s the option to use an inductive stylus to get work done. Powered by a Core i5, 8GB of RAM, NVIDIA graphics, and up to 256GB of solid state storage, Panasonic is smudging the lines on “portable” computing. There needs to be a new classification for these types of slate. Something like “Semi-Mobile”.

Impressively, this thing is actually battery powered, and those high performance guts can run for around two hours without being connected to an outlet. At only five pounds, you could conceivably leave the house with the Toughpad. Something you’d never really consider doing with an iMac for example. It opens up some interesting possibilities for temporary workstations and situations where you’d need visuals like presentations. Instead of lugging a laptop and a projector, just pack up your Toughpad.

We’ll see more of this type of product soon in the coming months, as even Sony is releasing a “semi-mobile” computer.

No info on a USA release, but Toughpad 4K should arrive in Europe the middle of November. Expect it to drop for around  €4,500 (about $6000).

(picture via @Windows)