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Should You Care: Tech Bags for Women – Laura Fagan

Why aren’t Women’s tech bags a mainstream option for women? We go through some options of stylish bags that will help you protect your gear!

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Moto Z Camera VS Hasselblad True Zoom MotoMod Comparison (Video)

If you’re going to spend an extra $300 for a modular camera which snaps onto the back of your (already expensive) smartphone, shouldn’t that modular camera outperform the camera built into your phone? If you slap a name like Hasselblad on a photography product, we’re going to have exceedingly high expectations. Let’s see how the Hasselblad True Zoom compares against the built in camera found on the Moto Z Force!

Hasselblad True Zoom MotoMod Review (via Pocketnow)

Successful Kickstarter Project Lume Cube Now Available to Improve Your Photo & Video Lighting

lumecube wet 2Mobile photogs and cinematographers know the pain of setting up shots and trying to pull off great images when they lighting doesn’t cooperate. The flashes on our phones are often insufficient for “nice” lighting, and the fact that they’re so close to the camera sensor can create issues with reflections.

The folks at Lume Cube are looking to change up how we illuminate our images. Lume Cube is a small cube with a bright light built in, and it has a rechargeable battery for on the go use. It’s controlled remotely from your phone, and the Lume app can control multiple cubes for additional lighting. Instead of a traditional burst flash sync, it’s a steady LED light for both photos and videos.

lumecube goproThe company had a successful run on Kickstarter, and now the Cube is available for purchase through LumeCube.com or through WalMart and B&H. Alongside the Cube, they’ve also released mounting kits for connecting the cube to a DSLR hotshoe or adding a GoPro style mount to multiple Cube lights. Nice to see it’s already well accessorized.

I’ve been in situations trying to shoot on my phone where I’ve needed additional light, and have resorted to using another phone’s flash as an angled spot light. Lume Cube looks like it could be a potential solution to that issue, and is another accessory which should help legitimize mobile phone photo and video as we produce more professional content from consumer devices.

You can catch more info at https://www.lumecube.com/

KP Sling Review – The Perfect Gadget Bag?

I love a good gadget bag! The folks at http://www.keeppursuing.com/ are wrapping up a Kickstarter round of funding to produce their new cross body bag the KP Sling. I’ve taken it out for a couple weeks. Is this the perfect bag to haul your gear? Let’s take a look!

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SomeGadgetGuy B-Day Contest 04: Ztylus Camera System for iPhone 6!

It’s my birthday, but YOU get the presents! Want to win an amazing camera lens case for the iPhone 6? Of course you do! Here’s how you can enter into this contest. You can see samples from the Ztylus camera case here.

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4K Review: KumbaCam Smartphone Steadicam Stabilizer – A Selfie Stick on Steroids! (UHD Video)

As our smartphone cameras get better, and more capable, shouldn’t we also start getting better accessories to achieve more professional results? That’s the KumbaCam goal, with their three axis smartphone steadicam stabilizer. Does it actually produce more professional looking video? Let’s take a look!

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More info on KumbaCam products.

Ztylus Metal Case: Camera Lens and LED Ring Flash for iPhone 6 Review

The iPhone camera is a mid-pack performer, but there are some great tools to improve things like macro performance and shooting wider angle shots. Ztylus has built an entire photography system into their Metal case which can really help you take your mobile photo game up to the next level!

Shop the Ztylus Case and Lens system on Amazon.
Shop the Ztylus LED Ring Flash on Amazon.

Does the iPhone Need a Back Button? Halo Back Kickstarter Project Raises $100,000.

halo back kickstarter project iphone back buttonI think the iPhone’s home button is a bit over-worked. Single press, double press, long press, music functionality, and an accessibility custom triple press. At some point some other hardware control might help this poor beleaguered button.

Kickstarter project Halo Back is looking to aid the home button with a special screen protector that will add a bottom mounted back button. As the iPhone has gotten larger, reaching up to the top of the screen for those apps that have software back buttons isn’t quite as convenient as it used to be.

It would seem a number of people agree with Halo Back as the project has already raised over $100,000, over five times their initial goal, and there’s still sixteen days left to back the project.

You can watch their pitch video below, or head directly to their project page for more info.