Long Term Review: Lenovo A740 – Quad HD Touchscreen All-in-One PC, iMac Killer

I spent a couple weeks running the Lenovo A740 All-in-One PC through its paces. With a Quad HD touchscreen, and some decently powerful guts, does it have the horsepower to combat Apple’s iMac? Let’s take a look!

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PC Review: Lenovo C260 – Touchscreen Windows 8.1 Budget AiO

Microsoft’s dominance of the consumer PC market is largely due to system makers making entry level gear. This situation has been rough on Windows 8, as the OS is more fun to use with a touchscreen. This is exactly the market Lenovo is trying to crack open with the C260 budget All-in-One PC. Let’s take a look!

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Bring AT&T LTE compatible handsets to StraightTalk.

straight talk lte sim card 4g somegadgetguyThe prepaid phone market is getting really hot. As consumers shop various plans and services, prepaid solutions might be just the ticket for some shoppers. This has historically meant having a “last generation” experience, using a 3G service while the big boys trotted out real 4G LTE data. This is starting to change however, as AT&T has rolled out AIO nationwide utilizing their LTE network, and now StraightTalk is getting into the game too.

Starting now, you can bring an AT&T compatible LTE phone to StraightTalk and utilize LTE access. It will require a new SIM card to activate, but it looks like plan pricing will remain the same as their previous Faux G offerings, unlimited plans starting at $45 a month. Now while ST offers unlimited data, it’s been reported that heavy users will be throttled, but considering the price of this service, that’s not horribly surprising. Might still want to read up on those terms of service before porting your number over.

If you’re buying a new phone, and you’re not able to bring your own from another carrier, the two handsets current sold through StraightTalk which support LTE are the Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5. Neither particularly exciting in this current market, but if you’re shopping a new phone plan, prepaid might be something worth checking out.

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AIO Wireless prepaid phone service now available online for all

AIO wireless prepaid smartphone service available for all online somegadgetguyConsumers are starting to take notice of prepaid solutions. We’re all getting a little more cost-conscious, and depending on how you use your phone, and what features you actually need, prepaid might be the right solution for you.

AT&T backed service AIO is now available online to everyone shopping a prepaid, no contract service with access to 4G LTE. In addition to their online roll out, AIO has started opening retail brick and mortar stores in Florida, Georgia, and Texas if you’d like to peruse their wares.

AIO currently offers unlimited talk, text, and data, though high speed access is capped. Plans start at $40 for 250MB of high speed data. They’re currently running a special for customers who sign up for service before September 29 will get their third month of service for free.

For more info: http://www.aiowireless.com/

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