Review: Netatmo Urban Weather Station – Is the air around you fit to breathe?

netatmo urban weather station review somegadgetguyThere’s a new trend in home automation and monitoring that I kinda like.

For those of us who can’t install big server-style brain systems, there’s a new crop of individual sensors and monitors which connect to our home networks individually, and are controlled by the devices we already own. Netatmo is a one such device which promises a bevvy of weather and air quality reports for your viewing pleasure.

What’s interesting is watching these types of products become more mainstream. Not only can you find gadgets like this on Amazon, I managed to snag this on the AT&T store. Come to think of it, this might not be a bad sensor package to add to a service like AT&T Digital Life or other home monitoring solutions…

Coming Soon: The Netatmo Urban Weather Station

netatmo urban weather station preview somegadgetguyWe recently moved, and we live closer to a highway now. We’re not in one of those areas being studied by scientists thankfully, but I’m still concerned about the effects of roadway pollution on our air quality.

Plus we moved to a hotter part of the Valley. Yikes.

I’m really curious to see how the netatmo Urban Weather Station performs. On the surface it’s a handy little way to see what the weather is like without all that pesky “opening a window” nonsense, but deeper than that it carries sensors to track air quality, humidity, CO2, and the audio level in side your home.

Handy weather and air quality reports tailored exactly to your home via a computer, Android, or iOS device.

Will report back once I’ve put it through its paces!