SomeGadgetGuy on Good Day LA: UNLOCK Savings with UNLOCKED Phones!

My segment on unlocked phones is live on Fox 11’s site! Where we use tiny LOCKERS, to talk about UNLOCKING savings, by buying UNLOCKED phones! The Price is Right theme song was also a nice touch.

It was pretty hilarious how excited the anchors got about the new Blackberry Keyone. Maria just wouldn’t put it down…

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Alcatel Idol 5S Review: Recovering at a Lower Price?

Our Alcatel Idol 5S review! Last year was a tough year for the Idol brand. Many have criticized this company for taking a step away from the upper mid-range price tier. Can Alcatel recapture some of the magic of the ultra-cheap Idol 3S? Let’s take a look!

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Alcatel A5 LED First Look – Inexpensive Modular Smartphone!

Bringing fun features to the mid-range, Alcatel is bringing modular features to their line up with the A5 LED. Designer back, battery, or a speaker, here’s our first look at this flexible smartphone.


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