Podcast Round up: Juan on #PNWeekly, TK Bay, BooredAtWork, All About Android!

Been a busy bee, and this week was full of podcasting! If you need to kill a couple hours here’s a quartet of killer tech shows! Please consider subscribing to any or all of them, and show some geek Youtuber’s a little love.

All About Android – The Plasticky Band

TK Bay – Audio for Youtube

BooredAtWork – Surface Book 2 and Ryzen 5

#PNWeekly – LG G6 Pricing and Expensive Smartwatches


Juan Carlos Bagnell on All About Android!

I’ve been a long time fan of the TWiT network, so I was honored  to join the crew on All About Android to chat about consumer data leaks in Blu phones, share my concerns about the HTC Bolt, and to participate in their app arena showdown!