Android Wear Teaser Videos Show Off Google Now on Your Wrist

Android WearIn a pair of videos showing off their new wearable OS, Google finally took the wraps off their long rumored smartwatch UI.

Dubbed Android Wear, it’s a system designed to feed notifications, small pieces of contextual information, and voice controlled services to your wrist. Modular enough for a variety of square and circular form factors (like that sexy Moto 360), it features a Google Now card style interface to feed you small pieces of relevant info. Backed up by voice actions, users should be able to stay informed as to what’s happening in their digital world, while still being able to interact with messages. A handy little trick in providing us tools to actually use our phones less while still consuming data services.

LG and Moto are already announcing hardware to use the new Wear software, and traditional watch manufacturers like Fossil are expressing interest as well. This might be the mainstream push required to get “old world” makers on board.

Also announced is a preview SDK releasing this week, so developers can already start work on migrating apps and services to these smaller screens.

Hit the videos below for the full scoop, and a demo of the Android Wear UI in action!