Youtube TV Hands on (IOS and Android) + Free Chromecast Offer Details!?!? – TK Bay

YouTube TV is here and I go hands on with Android and IOS to see what have. for a small fee you are getting a handful of channels now, and could also get yourself a free Chromecast. Hope you enjoy the video review

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App Review: Google Voice Finally Gets an Update! MMS and Group Text for All!

It’s been a LONG time coming, but Google Voice users can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Not only is Voice not getting scrapped, instead it’s getting a major redesign with some long-awaited new features. Here’s a quick tour through the app which supports the only phone number you’ll ever need!

App Review – Pako by Tree Man Games


Pako sounds like it could be a board game, but is it? Nope! Pako is a super fun and crazy addicting game that involves the cops and you. Yes you!

wp_ss_20140630_0007The action begins with you in a parking lot in a car and yet for some reason you are going to be chased down by the cops! I hope you have some drifting skills because you will need them and by the way, you have no brakes. No brakes at all! If you crash into a building, a tree, a car or any other object, the game starts again. The object of the game is to see how long you can survive without crashing or being caught by the cops. Continue reading “App Review – Pako by Tree Man Games”

App Review: Robotek by Hexage

RobotechOne day I was browsing the Microsoft Store to see if there were any Mech Assault like games just out of curiosity. I used to have that really crazy controller for the Mech Assault game for my first gen Xbox. After about 10 minutes or so I came across Robotek! It’s not quite a Mech Assault game however it is a very fun and addicting  turn by turn game with great sound and super smooth graphics!


Here’s the scenario: Humanity has fallen and the rise of robots is starting to take place. Your job is to take back the world from the robots one node at a time! When you fire up Robotek you will notice the super smooth graphics of this game and the sound quality which is really amazing! When starting Robotek you will play your first level as a tutorial so you can get the hang of the game play. Once you complete the tutorial then you can start taking back the world one node at a time. The game play is a mix of RPG, action, strategy and slot machine.  You hit the green arrow and try to match all three of your weapons to inflict serious damage on your opponent.  This is a turn by turn game so plan your strategy carefully! Just a friendly warning: Robotek is very addicting with its game play and graphics!


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App Review: YouTube HD by Idea Creator Corp

wp_ss_20140111_0005This may be the best YouTube app for Windows 8 phones hands down. It even blows away the official YouTube app by a few miles. Idea Creator Corp went all out in designing this app. I have tried quite a few YouTube apps and was disappointed in what was out there until I found this app. The design is pretty well thought out. Once you sign in you will notice your home page and see the latest videos from your subscriptions. Slide over to the next page and here you will find live tiles that will display your subscriptions, hot videos trending, uploads, playlists, my videos, favorites, recorded and playlist all in a nice neat layout.

When you are watching videos with YouTubeHD you can actually watch them in portrait mode which allows you to leave comments while the video is playing and play video in landscape mode. There is also an option for 3 different live tile color schemes which is pretty cool!

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App Review: Nokia MixRadio for Windows Phone


Let me introduce you to Nokia MixRadio. I ride my bike everywhere I go and this app keeps the tunes flowing without any interruption of ads. You might be asking yourself: “Isn’t there a Nokia Music app already?” Actually Nokia re-branded the Nokia Music app to Nokia MixRadio with a fresh new UI and features.

Nokia MixRadio offers up a novel way to discover new music and artists. With over 18 million songs available you should have no problem making your own custom mix of music to take with you wherever you go. This app has over 150 prescribed playlists by Nokia’s very own mixologists! You can download 4 playlists which equals about 8 hours of music. Mind you with the free version of the app you still get a ton of streaming music for free however you can only skip ahead 6 songs per hour.  If you need even more music you can upgrade the Nokia MixRadio app for $3.99 a month which includes unlimited downloads. Continue reading “App Review: Nokia MixRadio for Windows Phone”