How Android Police and GSMArena (and Others) Get Smartphone Audio Wrong

Tech reviewers have a lot on their plates. A smartphone isn’t a “phone” as much as it is a catch-all mobile computing platform. Tech reviewers need to be multi-disciplined in their commentary. Of course, it’s impossible for an individual to be an expert in all areas, so we all rely on assistance for subjects we might be less well versed. Sometimes we’re guided by other reviewers. Sometimes we get good materials from manufacturers to help guide our coverage. Regardless, no reviewer is an island.

In experiencing numerous gadgets throughout a career, it’s also easy to fall into patterns. We’ve encountered so much data, and observed so many trends over time, that we might not always be rationally dissecting a product, as much as we might be intuitively or emotionally arriving at our conclusions.

Smartphone audio is an excellent example of a topic which is often overlooked. Worse, when it is discussed, it’s frequently considered in a subjective fashion. “I like the sound of phone A, but I don’t like the sound of phone B.” It’s not uncommon for a reviewer’s opinion of the phone overall to influence that opinion on the audio produced. “I like phone A, so I prefer the sound on phone A.” 

Like most aspects of technology, when viewing a product subjectively, we’re more apt to appreciate the familiar, and grade a product based on that familiarity. We strive for objectivity, but hearing or seeing something different than what we’re used to will feel foreign. “I’m used to the sound on phone A, so phone B sounds wrong”.

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Tech YouTubers Talk: Is the Headphone Jack Really Obsolete? – Painfully Honest Tech

I’m a big fan of Jason Lewis over at Painfully Honest Tech. When he reached out to chat about smartphone audio, I was game to join the conversation.

I complain about the removal of the headphone jack all the time. I know it gets annoying. Sorry. But I thought I’d bring in some friends to help me work through the problem and answer the question: Is the Headphone Jack Obsolete?

feat. Dom Esposito, Logan-Tek Syndicate, Booredatwork, Juan Carlos Bagnell, Tailosive tech, Gamesky

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OVC H1 In Ear Headphones With 3 Adjustable Bass Sound Effects (Ipad, Iphone, Ipod) – TK Bay

Today I have for a review of a unique pair of Headphones that allow you to adjust the level Bass for GAME/HIFI/3D with three adjustable sound effects all from the earpieces themselves.
Thank you.

Amazon link:

Bose Quiet Comfort Qc35 Review – TK Bay

The Bose Quiet Comfort 35 are just about the best noise cancelling headsets I have tested. they are comfortable to use for hours and battery life is great. Comes with a companion app for software updates and volume control. checkout my video review.

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Huawei P10 Audio Review: It’s OK…

We often take audio for granted, so manufacturers will also take audio for granted on our mobile electronics. The P10 has been accused of being a less exciting iteration over the P9, though processor power and camera quality are significantly improved. Did audio get a similar makeover? Let’s take a listen to the Huawei P10!
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LG Tone Studio: Wearable wireless speakers are cool!

Audio was the original wearable technology. While headphones might not always be the most exciting gadget topic, LG has a fresh take on mobile audio. Spending a week wearing them almost non-stop, here are some thoughts on the LG Tone Studio!

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A Wearable Subwoofer: Lofelt Basslet Hands On @ CES 2017

Consumer headphones and phone audio have improved significantly over recent years, but the one thing we can’t recreate is the sensation of listening to live music or music on good speakers, the vibrations in the air that we feel throughout the body. The folks at Lofelt are looking to fix that with a crazy little subwoofer worn on your wrist. Juan had a chance to sit down with the Founder and CEO of Lofelt, Daniel Büttner to chat music and get a first look (and feel) at their Basslet wearable subwoofer.

More info on the Basslet at

OnePlus 3T Real Audio Review: One step forward, one step sideways?

Taking a quick listen to this end of year refresh, OnePlus is making some exciting moves with this phone. More powerful, bigger battery, but what about audio performance? Do we see (hear) the same attention to refinement? Here’s the full scoop on what your ears will get with the OnePlus 3T!