Huawei Mate 9 Real Audio Review: BIG phone, small sound?

Pocketnow’s Real Audio Review gives you the full scoop on what our phones can do with headphone and speaker playback. The Huawei Mate 9 is a BIG phone, but does that mean we get BIG audio? Let’s take a listen!

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Google Pixel XL Real Audio Review: Not up to HTC standards…

When it was announced that HTC would be manufacturing Google’s newest phone, we smartphone audio snobs were all hoping we’d see (hear) the same great sound quality we’ve come to expect from HTC. We’ve been testing the phone, and we’re now ready to report what we’ve seen (heard) on the Pixel XL!

Comparing the Fiio K1 USB DAC to a smartphone

We recently produced our first Real Audio Review, and we got MANY questions and comments regarding our testing procedure. Let’s answer some of those questions, and look at a USB headphone DAC we’ll be using for future comparisons!

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Gaming Headset Battle: Hyper X Cloud II vs Creative Evo ZXR with Trisha Hershberger

I focus a bit more on traditional headphones and monitors, so when Trisha Hershberger stopped by my office with a pair of gaming headsets, it was a fun experiment for me to compare two different headset solutions from Kingston and Creative.

Hyper X Cloud II or Creative Evo ZXR? Let’s BATTLE!

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“USB” is NOT a Type of Microphone: A Guide for Podcasting and Home Recording

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all “nice microphone“. There are different types of mics for different types of recording jobs. If you’re looking at podcasting, spoken word, interviews, or voice over recording, here’s a quick primer on some of the microphones you might want to consider!

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NASA Uploads Voyager Golden Record Audio To SoundCloud

the-golden-record-nasaThe Voyager spacecraft was launched in 1977, and on board NASA included a record with a series of recordings as our introduction to the galaxy. This spaceship is flying out past the outer reaches of our solar system, so it would take us quite a while to catch up to it if we wanted to take a listen to that record on board.

Thankfully, we live in the age of the internet, and online media distribution is way easier than planning a rocket mission.

Last week NASA uploaded the contents of the Golden Record to SoundCloud. You can listen to the intro below, or the full contents of the disc on NASA’s page.

Sennheiser ClipMic Digital Lav Microphone for iPhone and iPad Review

Pretty video isn’t much fun to watch if your audio is terrible. Sennheiser has partnered with Apogee to bring their popular professional ME2 Lav Microphone to iOS devices. How does it sound? Let’s take a listen!

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Review: Sennheiser G4ME ZERO Gaming Headset with Microphone Test

Sennheiser makes some really high quality headphones, so let’s see how their G4ME ZERO gaming headset stacks up to the competition!

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