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What is the best option for you in 2017 for your cars infotainment system.

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Tesla Brings Auto-Pilot and All Wheel Drive to the Model S Electric Sedan

Tesla has been known for pushing the envelope, producing electric cars with incredible range and fantastic performance. The Model S has been no exception, and thankfully arrived with luxury car style instead of the Jetsons funkiness normally reserved for other EV’s and Hybrids.

Announced this morning, CEO Elon Musk revealed the newest updates coming to the Model S. The new ‘D’ model will feature dual electric motors for all wheel drive. In the most powerful version of the car, it now rivals the performance of the McLaren S1, and the new “Insane” performance mode will launch a 3.2 second zero to 60 time.

tesla dual motors model sAs the motors aren’t connected by drive shafts, they should be able to feed power to wheels faster than mechanical all wheel drive systems can, keeping weight low and improving handling.

Of course this was the expected announcement, and the innernets have been awash with rumors, now confirmed, of an AWD system arriving. Tesla also announced Auto-Pilot. Tesla has been able to ramp up development ahead of their original release estimates.

Tesla Auto Pilot SensorsUsing forward scanning radar (which is able to scan through most weather conditions), a forward scanning camera, 360 degree sonar, all combined with GPS and real-time traffic scanning. The Model S can self park, provide lane guidance, use advanced automatic cruise control, and emergency breaking.  On private property, the car can even be summoned to roll from garage to your location, and this can be combined with your calendar so your Model S can be waiting for you with your music playing and the AC on when it’s time to leave.

As a surprise bonus, all Teslas produced over the last two weeks already have the systems installed, and will be activated via software.

A major step forward for both EV’s and for the future of self-driving automobiles. You can watch Elon Musk’s announcement of the new Model S below!

Local Motors Strati is the World’s First 3D Printed Car

local motors Strati 3d printed electric car frontYou wouldn’t download a car would you?

Well if you have an industrial grade 3D printer you might be able to someday download the chassis. Based out of Arizona, Local Motors is introducing the world to Strati, a car built out of a carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic. Strati is a two seater electric coupe with a top speed of 40 mph and a range of around 120 miles.

local motors Strati 3d printed electric car rear

While the motor, wiring, and windscreens are all made using conventional means, the car is built out of a ridiculously small number of individual parts thanks to the printing process. Local Motors expects to sell Strati for $18,000 to $30,000 depending on additional features and accessories.

This could represent a manufacturing breakthrough. If Strati finds any small amount of success, 3D printing could drastically lower the bar for other manufacturers looking to produce commuter vehicles. You can find more info on Local Motors site, and you can see their Strati time-lapse teaser video below.

Review: App Trains You to Become a Better Driver

It’s rare that I find an app which instantly becomes a “must download” service for my phone. Providing a one-stop shop for all of my vehicle mileage and maintenance tracking, Dash became a mandatory service for me after about two days of use.

Connecting to your car’s computer via a Bluetooth OBDII adapter, and utilizing the sensors in your phone, Dash provides Fitbit style tracking and alerts. It aims to make you a better driver, and hopefully that will save you money in fuel and maintenance costs.

Let’s check out all the features on tap in this free app!

The OBDII Bluetooth car computer adapter I used in this video.

More info on the Dash app and service at:
Dash in the Google Play App store.
Dash in the iTunes App Store.

UPDATED: New Jersey Coalition of Auto Retailers with Governor Christie to end Tesla Sales Starting April 1st


It’s official folks. Live blogged from TransportEvolved from the floor of the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission meeting, you will no longer be able to buy a Tesla in the state of New Jersey starting April 1st. The proposal was approved without public comment.

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Announced this morning on Tesla’s Blog, New Jersey consumers interested in shopping electric vehicles might not be able to peruse Tesla’s offerings if a proposal being snuck into the state legislature passes today.

48 states currently have limitations or outright bans on manufacturers selling cars directly to consumers. Tesla was working with the Christie administration to expand retail operations in the state, and through previous negotiations had received two retail licenses. It was agreed that Tesla and the New Jersey Coalition of Automotive Retailers would hold an open session in the NJ legislature to address the situation. That plan seems to have been discarded.

Proposal PRN2013-138 would require some form of middle man in auto sales, and would undo the current retail licenses Tesla has already acquired. Instead of a public forum to discuss, the proposal is being voted on today at 2pm EDT in Trenton.

It’s another frustrating example of how the game is played behind the scenes through lobbying efforts on behalf of organizations like NJ CAR, and it certainly doesn’t shine the most positive light on Christie’s administration, which has had to field a couple embarrassing political hot potatoes of late.

You can read the full Tesla blog post below.

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Honda Let’s You Download a Car, Makes 3D Printing Design Files Available.

honda 3d printing nsxYou wouldn’t download a car would you? Well, if it’s a Honda, that might not be such a serious issue.

Honda is making 3D printing design files available for five of their older concept vehicles. As part of their Super Ultra Daydreams branding project, if you’re inclined to DIY, you could print out all the pieces for your very own NSX.

It’s kind of a crazy idea, aknowledging that IP law is going to have a difficult time reigning in consumer behavior once 3D printers become more commonplace, but crazy ideas seem to be right up Honda’s alley at the moment, if this video of theirs from the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show is any indication.

Yeah… I totally downloaded the NSX by the way…

Honda 3D Printing files.