App Review – Pako by Tree Man Games


Pako sounds like it could be a board game, but is it? Nope! Pako is a super fun and crazy addicting game that involves the cops and you. Yes you!

wp_ss_20140630_0007The action begins with you in a parking lot in a car and yet for some reason you are going to be chased down by the cops! I hope you have some drifting skills because you will need them and by the way, you have no brakes. No brakes at all! If you crash into a building, a tree, a car or any other object, the game starts again. The object of the game is to see how long you can survive without crashing or being caught by the cops. Continue reading “App Review – Pako by Tree Man Games”

Longterm Review: RAVPOWER Lipstick Charger and Flashlight


Back in November of last year I reviewed the Ravpower Lipstick charger and I am here to give you my longterm update on this awesome yet inexpensive portable charger!

003I use this everyday for all of my gadgets and the Ravpower is always in my backpack or messenger bag ready to charge my device.  On one occasion, while riding my bike super-fast like Evil Knievel, I pulled the Ravpower out of my pocket to use the flashlight, as the headlight on my bike had run out of juice, and I dropped the Ravpower! NOOOOOO! It went skidding across the street kind of like that flat stone you skipped across the lake in the summer. It missed certain destruction from a car by about a foot or so.  I thought to myself  “Self, I have a feeling it’s done…” Continue reading “Longterm Review: RAVPOWER Lipstick Charger and Flashlight”

Gadget Review: Kingston Hyper X 240GB SSD


Today we have the oh so sexy Kingston Hyper X 240gb 3K SSD. I have always used Kingston’s USB flash drives in the past, and when I received this bad boy in the mail I was super excited to get started!

Let’s start off with the packaging. The Hyper X came in this neat little well designed box. Inside the box the Hyper X was nestled in between 2 layers of a rubberized foam block along with all the other goodies in the box all neatly packaged. I opened the box to see what Kingston had in store for me. The Kingston Hyper X came with cloning software, a really cool anodized multi bit screw driver, mounting hardware for desktop towers, a case for using the Hyper X as an external hard drive, a USB cable, SATA data cable and a 3.5 bracket. Continue reading “Gadget Review: Kingston Hyper X 240GB SSD”