Friday Fun: BBC Radio Broadcast of Neuromancer by William Gibson

William Gibson helped create most of the lingo we use today when discussing internet things like hackers or cyber-security. Neuromancer was an influential novel for this author, and it’s a fun trip visiting this BBC radio play. Two hours in length, it’s abridged, but a surprisingly effective re-telling of a classic sci-fi novel. Check it out over the weekend, or during the holidays. Not bad for a freebie!

BBC Releases 30th Anniversary Hitchhiker’s Guide Text Adventure Game Online!

hitchhikers guide 30th anniversary text adventure game

Damn if this don’t take me back. This game and Space Quest we’re probably most responsible for teaching YoungGadgetGuy how to type.

See, younger people might mock the simple graphics of older games, but I’m not sure how many kids today realize that some of our games didn’t have ANY graphics AT ALL! We just had to make due with our formidable imaginations. Plus we had Lazer Tag for when we got bored of staring at DOS prompts… So we had that going for us…

Anywho, following the storyline of perhaps the greatest book ever written, this text adventure game throws you into the hilarious shenanigans facing humanity during the last day of Earth’s existence, and the many adventures which befall the only person to survive. If you’ve never read The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (or just haven’t played this game), you’re in for a treat. I’m almost jealous enough of the novelty you’re about to experience to consider the possibility of giving myself just the tinniest bit of a lobotomy so I could experience it for the first time again too… Sigh…

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Game – 30th Anniversay Edition

UPDATED! Nine previously lost episodes of Doctor Who will be available to purchase Oct 11

patrick troughton second doctor who

And there you have it, after yesterday’s speculation (below after the “read more” link), we now have the full scoop on what was found.

Nine episodes from the Second Doctor’s run were found in a relay station in Nigeria. The Patrick Troughton story line The Enemy of The World is now complete with all six episodes accounted for, and The Web of Fear is missing one episode which has been recreated using stills and storyboards, enough to release the series to the public.

Starting October 11th at midnight, the episodes will be available on iTunes for download. For those who want something more tactile, BBC Worldwide will also start pre-orders for both series on DVD (though the BBC store was down at the time this article was being written), to be shipped later this year.

This is very exciting for us Who fans, though we always wish we could have more. This drops the number of Doctor Who episodes MIA to 97, and now I have to wrestle with the geek fanboi in my head who is desperately trying to convince me to update my long since lapsed credit card information on iTunes…

Read our original rumor post for this story after the jump.

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BBC & Hulu reach deal to stream Doctor Who, Sherlock, and more!

bbc logoI started with Pertwee, but Tom Baker is my all time favorite.

Heads up digital Anglophiles! A ton of BBC content is heading to Hulu. The online streaming services war is just getting heated up. Netflix has an early lead in producing original content, but Hulu should be delivering around 20 new original series by the end of next year. In the meantime, having a catalog of good content is key to enticing new consumers to sign up for the service.

This BBC deal will provide a wealth of high quality content, including Doctor Who, Luther, MI-5 (Spooks), Torchwood, Sherlock, and more. Personally I’m hoping to see some niche shows like Trigger Happy TV and expanding their line up of British reality cooking shows. I’m a sucker for Gordon Ramsey.

No word on how much this deal is going to cost Hulu. It is telling however that BBC productions are finding some strong audiences here in the states. People increasingly investing in quality content regardless of where it’s produced, subscribing to Hulu is probably going to be cheaper for most consumers than expanding their cable or satellite plans to include BBC America…

(via WSJ)