Is it False Advertising if a Smartphone Manufacturer Rigs Benchmarks? – Pocketnow

Another pair of companies have been caught rigging benchmark performance. How does this affect fans? Should this be considered false advertising?

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Smartphone Camera Test: Blackberry Classic on AT&T – Real World HD Video Benchmarks

This is the first Blackberry I’ve used in YEARS, and while I was a big fan of their messaging services, the smartphone arena has become very competitive with some fantastic camera options. Let’s see how Blackberry’s mid-range, throw-back designed Classic performs in our real-world video benchmarks!

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Smartphone Camera Review: Nokia Lumia 830 on AT&T (Real World Video Samples)

Spoiler alert: It’s a really good camera.

You can always count on Nokia to pack a great camera on a phone at any price point. The Lumia 830 is a mid-range phone, so let’s see if the 10MP shooter is a mid-range camera!

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Camera Review: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on AT&T (Real-World Video Samples in UHD) 4K

It’s finally here! The Note 4 was my most anticipated android camera review of the year. Now that it’s in my hands, how does this beast of a phone perform? Let’s take a look.
Make sure you bump up the quality on this one!

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SomeGadgetGuy’s Ultimate Collection of LG G3 Reviews and Comparison Videos!

Last year LG delivered a phone well ahead of the curve in the G2. This year they’re continuing to push the envelope with the G3. On paper, it should be an absolute monster with a QHD screen, incredible battery life, and a new laser focusing system for the camera.

Has LG succeeded in redefining the Android experience?

We’ve produced a series of videos testing out the speaker and camera. Plus we’ve shot comparisons of the G3 against popular handsets like the GS5, Lumia Icon, and HTC M8. Lastly, we’ve taken a full tour around the hardware and software in our first impressions video.

If there’s any aspect of this phone that you’ve been curious about, chances are pretty good we’ve covered it. In detail. Hit the videos below if you’ve been curious about LG’s newest flagship!

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The most powerful Android phone? Benchmarking the LG G2.

LG G2 benchmarks optimus g pro comparisonIn Android land we care about specs. We care about them a lot. Before even handling a device, many will scrutinize things like processor, storage, and RAM to make purchasing decisions.

Here stateside, the LG G2 was one of the first phones to utilize Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 series processor. This is an architecture improvement over the very solid Snapdragon 600 used in phones like the HTC One and Galaxy S4. How much of an improvement? That’s what we’re going to take a look at in this video.

LG’s Optimus G Pro uses the 600 series chipset, so this obviously isn’t a competition. This is a comparison to see how improved the new processor is, so I don’t want cranky fanbois telling me how this isn’t a “fair test” or other such nonsense. We KNOW the G2 is going to win most of these. We wanna see by how much!

There are links after the jump if you want to skip to specific bench marks, or you can watch the whole battery of tests below. Let’s get to it!

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Synthetic Benchmarks: HTC One Mini

htc one mini synthetic benchmarks somegadgetguy video reviewBenchmarks really can’t tell you how a phone will perform in real world situations, but they can show relative performance between devices. Android seems to be entering a phase of “efficiency”, with mid-range phones utilizing dual-core processors. Even the Moto X, which stands as a premier handset for Motorola, only uses two cores to get the job done.

Let’s take a look at how the HTC’s Mini performs in a number of synthetic benchmarks against its big brother One and an older handset running similar internals.

(Video) Synthetic Benchmarks: Motorola Moto X

Much has been made of Motorola putting a slightly older dual core into their new phone. In a world of premier quad core handsets, Moto X has an up hill climb communicating its message of software optimization. I spent a little time playing with X, and ran it through some synthetic benchmarks just to see how it compares to other phones on the market.