#Kickstarter – Gemini Unique Magnetic Speakers Stick And Play 360 Sound Anywhere – TK Bay

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Archeer HD Audio Surround BT Speaker Review – TK Bay

Today I have for you a review of a little 360 surround sound speaker from Archeer model number A225. little guy with good sound and 5 hours of music playback.

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Elegant 25W Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker For Under $80 Plus %20 off Coupon – TK Bay

The Archeer A320 is by far one of the best speakers I have tested to date. you get great Design and power to entertain you for up to 11 hours and 25W.

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LG Tone Studio: Wearable wireless speakers are cool!

Audio was the original wearable technology. While headphones might not always be the most exciting gadget topic, LG has a fresh take on mobile audio. Spending a week wearing them almost non-stop, here are some thoughts on the LG Tone Studio!

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Review: GGMM M-Show Bluetooth Speaker and Tablet Dock

Trying to combine several desktop items, GGMM’s M-Show is a handy little BT speaker, which can also act as a desktop lamp, and an elevated tablet stand. Let’s see (and hear) how it performs!

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More info on GGMM products: http://www.ggmm.com/en/

Weekend listening: Our Surface 2 Speaker Quality Test

WP_20131120_17_53_09_ProOur first Windows tablet to hit the SomeGadgetGuy Test Bench!

We never did get our hands on the first Surface, but Surface 2 is ready to go! We’ll playback some movie and music samples to see how it stacks up to phones and bluetooth speakers! The audio level for our tablet tests is normalized to compare directly with the HTC One, so listen back to that test and you’ll be able to hear how the Surface 2 stacks up!

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Review: Nokia Play 360 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker (with audio quality test samples)

nokia play 360 bluetooth speaker nfc pairing android windows phone somegadgetguyNokia generally does a fantastic job of creating a whole ecosystem for their products. Getting ahead of the tech curve by releasing cases, covers, headphones, and speakers alongside their smartphone offerings.

One such example is the Nokia Play 360 portable speaker, which not only offers up Bluetooth wireless connectivity, but the ability to pair over NFC. While it features some cutting edge tech, how does the speaker actually sound?

Let’s take a listen!

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Review: HMDX Jam Classic portable wireless Bluetooth speaker

hmdx jam classic bluetooth wireless speaker test review somegadgetguyYou asked for it! I’m covering even more audio gear!

Following the recent wrap up on the Jawbone JAMBOX, we’re taking a look at something smaller, and a little more affordable.┬áIt’s tiny. It’s cute. It comes in an adorable jam jar container, and for its size it packs a surprising audio punch. Can a portable audio solution for $32 compete against some of the other “premier” solutions on the market?

Let’s take a listen to the HMDX Jam Classic!

Shop HMDX on Amazon. What’s with all these speakers being named “Jam-something”?