TRNDlabs Nova True Wireless Earbuds: nice for the price!

TRNDlabs Nova true wireless earbuds review! As more phones get rid of the headphone jack, truly wireless earbuds are the hot new fad in Bluetooth audio. If you’re looking for a solid set of headphones which won’t break the bank, TRNDlabs has the solution for you!

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Archeer HD Audio Surround BT Speaker Review – TK Bay

Today I have for you a review of a little 360 surround sound speaker from Archeer model number A225. little guy with good sound and 5 hours of music playback.

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LG Tone Studio Speakers and Tone Free Earbuds: Listening to some truly wireless audio! CES 2017

LG unveiled a pair of audio solutions at CES. The Tone Studio and Tone Free are fresh takes on LG’s “neck band” approach to Bluetooth audio. Tone Free deliver a truly wireless (and cable-less) pair of earbuds, while Tone Studio aims to create an audio cloud which surrounds your head. Let’s take a listen!

Outdoor Tech Rhinos: Rugged Headphones at CES 2017

Good audio isn’t just for indoor conditions. Outdoor Tech is a California based company making rugged lifestyle gear. We got to take a look at the Rhino Headphones, durable water resistant cans designed for an active lifestyle.

Long Term Review: Sennheiser Momentum Wireless Bluetooth Headphones – Zee Germans Do It Again!

How do you make the excellent Momentum headphones better? Make them wireless! These beautiful headphones from Sennheiser rock a timeless design, with durable build quality, and cutting edge technology! Let’s take a look (and a listen)!

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Review: GGMM M-Show Bluetooth Speaker and Tablet Dock

Trying to combine several desktop items, GGMM’s M-Show is a handy little BT speaker, which can also act as a desktop lamp, and an elevated tablet stand. Let’s see (and hear) how it performs!

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Review: V.ALRT is a Smart, Wearable, Panic Button for Personal Security and Care Givers

As we add more sensors and gadgets to our Personal Area Networks, VSNMOBIL is carving out a niche in personal security. The V.ALRT is a big emergency panic button which connects to your phone over bluetooth and has only one job. It sends alerts to your contacts when you might be in danger or need help. Let’s take a look at how it works!

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Review: MPOW’s Affordable MBOX Bluetooth Stereo Speaker (with Audio Samples)

MPOW makes some affordable wireless audio gear. I recently got a chance to try out their newest Bluetooth speaker. At a street price around $50, does it make too many compromises? Let’s take a listen!

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