A Wearable Subwoofer: Lofelt Basslet Hands On @ CES 2017

Consumer headphones and phone audio have improved significantly over recent years, but the one thing we can’t recreate is the sensation of listening to live music or music on good speakers, the vibrations in the air that we feel throughout the body. The folks at Lofelt are looking to fix that with a crazy little subwoofer worn on your wrist. Juan had a chance to sit down with the Founder and CEO of Lofelt, Daniel B├╝ttner to chat music and get a first look (and feel) at their Basslet wearable subwoofer.

More info on the Basslet at http://Lofelt.com

Asus ZenFone AR First Look CES 2017: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Ready!

We’ve seen plenty of phone based Virtual Reality gear. We’ve seen some great demos of phone based Augmented Reality, but no one device that claims to be both VR and AR ready. Until now. Asus took the wraps off the ZenFone AR, a phone supporting both Google Tango AR and Google Daydream VR. Here’s out first look!

LG Tone Studio Speakers and Tone Free Earbuds: Listening to some truly wireless audio! CES 2017

LG unveiled a pair of audio solutions at CES. The Tone Studio and Tone Free are fresh takes on LG’s “neck band” approach to Bluetooth audio. Tone Free deliver a truly wireless (and cable-less) pair of earbuds, while Tone Studio aims to create an audio cloud which surrounds your head. Let’s take a listen!

Kodak Super 8 Camera and the Return of Ektachrome Film! CES 2017

Analog is making a comeback. Kodak is bringing back Ektachrome film for a new generation of Super 8 cameras. The Super 8 Camera features some new tricks like audio input and a handy flip out LCD. We’re way more excited for a film camera than we should be…

Outdoor Tech Rhinos: Rugged Headphones at CES 2017

Good audio isn’t just for indoor conditions. Outdoor Tech is a California based company making rugged lifestyle gear. We got to take a look at the Rhino Headphones, durable water resistant cans designed for an active lifestyle.

SomeGadgetGuy’s Favorite Finds from CES 2015

CES this year saw a tremendous number of “evolution” announcements. There weren’t any mind-blowing reveals, but we saw an entire industry looking to iterate and improve on products far faster than previous entries into new territory. Where wearable tech and home automation were buzzwords last year, we saw real practical application this year.

Every show, my goal is to find something I think is cool. It might not be the most practical, or revolutionary, but I want to see a company try something different, something novel. Here are a few of my favorite finds from this year’s show floor!

Click on ANY of the pics below to watch our video coverage from the show floor!

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CES#2014: Sennheiser MOMENTUM and G4ME ONE Headphones, with microphone test!

Working in voice over, I know Sennheiser from their mics, and I think they make fantastic recording solutions. I don’t actually have a lot of experience with their various headphones, but my all time favorite pair of studio monitors are their HD25’s.

I was stoked to try out some of their consumer solutions on the show floor, and even used the built int headset mic on the Momentum to record the audio for this video. Spoiler: I was very impressed with the sound of that little mic…

#CES2014: Sony Wows with Xperia Z1 Compact, “Uncompromising” smaller Android Smartphone

sony xperia z1 compact ces tease announcement android smartphoneI don’t often get excited about phone announcements, but Sony has me very interested.

The biggest problem in the Android ecosystem right now is the lack of premium smaller form factor devices. Smaller screens are seen as entry or mid-range phones. It completely gives the market away to the iPhone when “Premium” only means 4.7″ screens and larger.

Sony is looking to change that with the Z1 Compact. A 720p 4.3″ display is powered by the most bleeding edge guts we can currently pack into a phone.

sony xperia z1 compact ces tease announcement android smartphone camera

The Qualcomm 800 processor is a screamer on larger higher resolution phone screens, so it should be even more of a beast here. 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage with a MicroSD card slot will be handy as the camera bolted to the back is a 20MP shooter with optical image stabilization. Even the battery is class standard at 2300mAh, a capacity often found in larger screen phones.

Not only are the guts impressive, the design is attractive as well, with a solid machined aluminum shell. The Z1 Compact also continues in Sony’s recent tradition of making their phones water resistant, helpful insuring your smartphone might actually last the two year contract you signed up for.

Every bit of this phone is a step in the right direction for those wanting a premium high end smartphone in a smaller form factor. Sony released a video tease of the Z1 Compact embedded below.