Ztylus Stinger Plus: Car Charger and Emergency Window SMASHER

Ztylus Stinger Pro review! USB car chargers aren’t super sexy tech accessories, but the Stinger Pro ads a fun survival twist. A reinforced plug, with a dual spring design, makes it really easy to pop out or shatter a car’s windshield. For folks worried about potentially being trapped in a car, $25 is a terrific price for a little peace of mind.

I might have a couple Stingers in my office at the moment. Watch the video, answer the question I ask at the end, and maybe some of these Stingers can find their way out of my office…
Shop for the Stinger Plus on Amazon http://amzn.to/2hRFMeQ

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Need a Power Adapter to Charge Your Phone Overseas? Travel Tech Prep!

How do you charge your phone or laptop overseas? When flying from the United States to Europe, the voltage from electrical sockets changes. Do you need an adapter? A step down converter? Should you buy a local phone charger? Let’s take a look at how you can power your tech in another country!


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Review: Nokia’s DC-19 – 3200mAh Portable Battery Charger

Battery life is a classic struggle on our tiny pocketable computers. Sure we call them “phones”, but we live our lives out of them now, and the more we use them, the faster they die. The DC-19 is an upgrade over the older DC-16, featuring higher a capacity cell in a smaller form factor. Let’s take a look at Nokia’s newest portable battery charger.

Shop the DC-19 on Amazon.

Longterm Review: RAVPOWER Lipstick Charger and Flashlight


Back in November of last year I reviewed the Ravpower Lipstick charger and I am here to give you my longterm update on this awesome yet inexpensive portable charger!

003I use this everyday for all of my gadgets and the Ravpower is always in my backpack or messenger bag ready to charge my device.  On one occasion, while riding my bike super-fast like Evil Knievel, I pulled the Ravpower out of my pocket to use the flashlight, as the headlight on my bike had run out of juice, and I dropped the Ravpower! NOOOOOO! It went skidding across the street kind of like that flat stone you skipped across the lake in the summer. It missed certain destruction from a car by about a foot or so.  I thought to myself  “Self, I have a feeling it’s done…” Continue reading “Longterm Review: RAVPOWER Lipstick Charger and Flashlight”