Movies You May Have Missed 026: Let’s Play ‘The King of Kong’! (MYMHM Recovered)

An amazing look at a funny ecosystem. The stakes are low. Most people aren’t terribly interested by the subject. But for the gamers involved, this is life. Who is the King of (Donkey) Kong?

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Movies You May Have Missed 025: ‘The Omen’ is SPOOKY! (MYMHM Recovered)

Juan’s all time favorite horror film. Grounded. Quiet. Patient. An incredible cast. Terrific writing. Expert direction. Let’s get creeped out by ‘The Omen’!

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Friday Fun: What if ‘Man of Steel’ Was in Color?

This video does an excellent job of nailing one of the technical criticisms I had with Man of Steel, and something which I feel will continue to be an issue with Batman v Superman. It would seem that DC learned the wrong lesson from Christopher Nolan’s Batman films. That because the Dark Knight franchise was successful, and they were dark and gritty with muted color, then ALL superhero films should be dark and gritty with muted color.

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Should You Run From ‘It Follows’? – A Movie We Hope You Don’t Miss!

I loves me a good scary movie! Producer Marie and I went to a late showing of indie sweetheart ‘It Follows’, and I had to share my thoughts as soon as I got home. It’s an indie horror sweetheart, but does it live up to the hype? Let’s chat about some spooooooooky things…

Sunday Silly: The Original 1994 ‘Fantastic Four’ Film is on Youtube

This last week we got a first look at the reboot for Fantastic Four, and it looks like it will be a darker departure from the first two films.

But did you know the “first” two FF films really weren’t the first?

Back in 1994 a film was produced, shot, and edited, but was never intended to be released. It was made solely for the studio to retain the rights, no small chunk of change considering the estimated budget of $1.5 million. We’re treated to some glorious, schlocky, low-budget film making from none other than Roger Corman.

Never intended for the light of day, but you can watch it on the Youtubes. Enjoy!

Review: Nokia Purity Pro Bluetooth Headphones with NFC Pairing! (BH-940)

nokia bh905 bh940 purity pro wireless bluetooth headphones nfc pairing review somegadgetguyI LOVE audio gear. Speaker reviews. Headphone reviews. They’re all good!

I haven’t tackled a pair of cans for a while, and thankfully I’ve got a MONSTER pair of Nokia cans to check out (see what I did there). One of my first gadget reviews was the wonderful Nokia Bluetooth BH-905’s, and now with the BH-940’s Nokia has added NFC pairing to their wireless headphone formula.

Retailing for around $250, let’s see if this is peanut butter jelly time!

Buy the Nokia Purity Pro Headphones on Amazon.