AMD Ryzen Demo VS Intel I7 6900. Is it Faster ? – TK Bay


Ryzen CPUs are hot and they give you high quality performance at an amazing price. I had a chance to see a demo of a head to head encoding test on 2 almost identical systems other than the CPUs. Check it out and see who wins.

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I Ask YOU: Why Do We Need 64-Bit Processors in Phones?

apple a7 and m7 processors 64 bit somegadgetguyNo seriously folks. I don’t get it, and I need your help to understand.

Why do we need 64-bit processors in our phones?

First Apple announces 64-bit will be included in the iPhone 5s, and now Samsung says they’ll be getting in on the trick in 2014. As best as I could understand, one of the primary reasons we moved to 64-bit on desktops and laptops was to allow us to use more than 4GB of RAM.

Are there other advantages I’m not aware of? Might this be a preemptive move for some future technology? I’m nonplussed…

Drop me a comment. School me folks!