Is it time to Boycott Disney? Gambling in Marvel Future Fight and Star Wars Battlefront 2 Rant!

Is it time to boycott Disney? We can complain about micro-transactions, paywall characters, cool down clocks, and now slot machine loot boxes, but these game mechanics make way too much money for any developer to ignore. If the video game industry can’t police itself on fleecing customers, and introducing gambling to kids, then politicians will need to get involved. I do not want that to happen…

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Connect Disney Movies Anywhere to Google Play – Get Free Copy of ‘Wreck-It Ralph’

Screenshot (236)Disney is bringing their streaming movie service to Google Play.

Starting today you can connect your Disney Movies Anywhere account to your Google account, and your films will be available through Play on any of your Android devices. This works for all Disney, Pixar, and Marvel films, and it works in both directions, so fret not if you purchased your films through Google Play, they’ll now also show up in your Anywhere account too.

To celebrate the new partnership Disney is giving away free copies of Wreck-It Ralph to people who sign up! So go get them folks!

Disney Movies Anywhere

Where’s My Water 2 available on Windows Phone 8 – Free

wheres my water 2 windows phone 8 somegadgetguyAnd before Android no less.

If you have a hankering for providing friendly gators more water to bathe themselves with, Disney has just the app for you!

But seriously, I found the first Where’s My Water, and the spin off Where’s My Perry, to be addictive puzzle games nearly on the same level as that first time you picked up Angry Birds. I just installed the sequel, and I’m guessing I’ll kill my Lumia 1020‘s battery at least once this weekend from playing it.

Get it while it’s hot! Then douse water on it!

Where’s My Water 2 (WP8 App Store)