Home Improvement Review: OxyLED Motion Sensor Light

Purchasing outdoor lighting for your home can get expensive real quick. What we need is an affordable solution. So today we are taking a look at OxyLED’s Solar Motion Light from His Gadget Inc.

Good things come in small packages is exactly what OxyLed’s Motion Sensor Light is. What you will find in the box is the OxyLED light, mounting hardware, warranty card and user manual. Upon opening the box you will notice the construction of the light is made from aluminum and weighs a mere 8.0oz. The light itself measures a compact 5.35” X 3.54” X 1.74” so mounting the light and saving space should be no problem.


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Build Your Own PC! SomeGadgetGuy’s New Video Editing Workstation for 2015!

It was time folks. My old rig was originally designed to edit audio, and moving into UHD and 60 FPS HD video, she just couldn’t keep up anymore. Say hello to my new video editing workstation. Freshly built and ready to destroy my future reviews!

The challenge was to build a tower with an OS for less than the price of a mid-range iMac (as I will be recycling my displays, speakers, keyboard, and mouse). How’d I do? Let’s take a look!

Full parts list below:
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Friday Fun: Arnold Schwarzenegger Post a Pic of his Awesome improvised iPad sound system

I’ve been on sets where you’re bored, waiting for a new setup or a camera and lighting change, and maybe you get a bit goofy. Maybe you wanna listen to some tunes. Maybe you want to share those tunes, but you only brought your iPad. Well if you’re Arnold Schwarzenegger, a little limitation like not having a speaker dock isn’t going to hold you back. You’re going to get creative and crush that problem.