Case Review: Speck MightyShell + FacePlate for the iPhone 6 – Fun Design and Durable

Do you want better drop and scratch protection for your iPhone 6? Do you want some fun color accents and a fun design? Speck might have the case for you with their two piece MightyShell + FacePlate. Let’s take a look!

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Samsung Responds to SquareTrade “Bendgate” Galaxy S6 Edge Video

Recently, gadget insurance company SquareTrade made some waves showing off a stress test of the Galaxy S6 Edge, claiming it had bending issues similar to the iPhone 6 Plus, and that it wasn’t as “bend resistant” as the HTC One M9.

Samsung today replied with a video showing how they test the durability of their phones, comparing it to the amount of force necessary to snap five pencils.

While a three point test is certainly dramatic, what’s concerned me about phone durability, since the release of the iPhone 6, has been deformation over time, especially uber-thin phones utilizing aluminum shells.

It’s all well and good that a phone can bounce back from one brief instance of extreme force, but how does it hold up to months of lower pressure “influence” exerted by pockets and the contours of the human body. In that regard, having a glass back plate might actually be a benefit, and we’ve seen (anecdotally) that the Gorilla Glass 4 shell seems pretty durable.

Does this response from Samsung assuage your concerns over claims of another “Bendgate”? Drop us a comment, and you can read Samsung’s full response below.

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Is the Back Glass on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Indestructible?

SM-G920F_002_Back_White_PearlObviously the answer to the question posed in the title of this blog post is “No”. Shame on you for clicking on link bait.

However, this Korean video shows the GS6 surviving some pretty incredible intentional damage. I would never have handled an iPhone 4 or Nexus like this.

It should go without saying however, that regardless how durable a phone might be built, if you intentionally try to damage it, eventually you will succeed. Still, this is better survivability than I would have assumed.

Review: The North Face Surge II – Laptop Toting Rugged Backpack

The North Face makes some of my favorite camping and hiking gear, so I was really looking forward to trying out their Surge II backpack, which was designed to tote around up to a seventeen inch laptop. How does an adventure gear company fare when making a laptop bag? Let’s take a look…

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Adventure Gear Review: OxyLED Motion Sensing Headlamp

OxyLED makes some budget friendly lighting options and today we are taking a look at the OxyLED motion sensing headlamp.


The OxyLED Motion Sensing Headlamp uses a bright 200 lumen Cree XP-E white LED bulb which will last 50,000 hours and is powered by 3 AAA batteries which will power the light for 6 hours. This light will shine about 328 feet (100 Meters) in front of you. Your path will definitely be lit up at night. The light has 6 adjustable angles to suit your needs. The housing has 2 buttons. One button is to turn on the motion sensing option which when engaged, all you need to do is wave your hand in front of the light to turn it on and off. I use this option when riding my bike at night. I wave my hand in front of the light to turn it off  in order not to distract any drivers while I am at a stop light.  The button on top of the housing will give you three lighting options: high beam, low beam and strobe.

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Review: STM Drifter Backpack – Durable Laptop Protection for Travelers

I’m a big fan of STM gear. They make stylish, trendy products which do a great job of protecting our gadgets and electronics. With the Drifter they’ve focused not on the boardroom look, but on crafting a durable and rugged pack for travelers. Let’s take a look at STM’s newest laptop backpack!

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Home Improvement Review: OxyLED Motion Sensor Light

Purchasing outdoor lighting for your home can get expensive real quick. What we need is an affordable solution. So today we are taking a look at OxyLED’s Solar Motion Light from His Gadget Inc.

Good things come in small packages is exactly what OxyLed’s Motion Sensor Light is. What you will find in the box is the OxyLED light, mounting hardware, warranty card and user manual. Upon opening the box you will notice the construction of the light is made from aluminum and weighs a mere 8.0oz. The light itself measures a compact 5.35” X 3.54” X 1.74” so mounting the light and saving space should be no problem.


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Review: Dog & Bone Wetsuit case for iPhone 6 – Slim, Rugged, and Waterproof!

The iPhone 6 is a gorgeous phone, but it’s not known for being the most rugged gadget on the market. Australian manufacturer Dog & Bone have adapted their wetsuit case for Apple’s latest and greatest. Let’s take a look!

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