Shoot, Edit, Render, Upload 4K Video from a Phone! #CES2018 Vlog Recap!

Yes you can produce all of your video coverage directly from your phone! Using only an LG V30 to shoot, edit, render and upload 4K video, here’s my recap on making a rig for a phone, how the phone handled editing, and what were some of my surprises in living the #MOJO lifestyle. Mobile Journalism just might be the way of the future…

Vlog 4
Vlog 3
Vlog 2
Vlog 1
CES Preview
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CyberLink PowerDirector for Android App Review: FINALLY! Real Video Editing!

We finally have a real option for video editing on Android! How does CyberLink’s solution stack up to the competition? Let’s take a look!

PowerDirector on Google Play:

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Snapseed App Now Edits RAW Photos on Android!

Phones have recently started saving RAW photos, but we didn’t have many options for editing those photos out in the field. We would have to transfer those images to a proper computer for any manipulation.

In an update today, Google has added RAW support to their popular photo editing app Snapseed!

Screenshot_2015-10-29-08-38-44RAW photos are just what they sound like, the RAW data captured from the camera sensor. These are very large files, chock full of info, but often don’t look that great, and the larger file sizes make them more difficult to share. Snapseed now let’s you tweak a shot from the RAW info, then compress that into a smaller JPG file to share.

The editing tools also got a small update for more precise developing, including kelvin values for exposure and white balance.

The Snapseed update is now live in Google Play!

Tutorial: How I Edit Photos For Instagram Sharing

Channeling my inner Bob Ross, to answer some recent questions I’ve gotten on how I edit photos before sharing them on Instagram. Our cameras can deliver some terrific shots, so here’ how I tweak them before uploading to a service which cuts all our shots into squares, and HEAVILY compresses the image quality!

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