Tag Heuer Ramps Production to Meet Luxury SmartWatch Demand

Was a high price tag the critical component missing from Google’s Android Wear sales strategy? If recent reports from Tag Heuer are any indication, apparently consumers were concerned that these new wearable tech pieces weren’t expensive enough.

Bloomberg is reporting that the Louis Vuitton owned brand completely underestimated the demand for their new Tag Heuer Connected smartwatch, which is clad in Titanium and Sapphire and powered by Google’s OS. It’s a sexy watch body and a rubber strap with a price tag starting at $1500. It’s aiming above the mid-range pricing for Apple’s steel and sapphire smartwatch.

We’ve seen a number of tech companies trying to solve the fashion problem of strapping tech to your wrist. Offerings from LG, Huawei, and Motorola have failed to find significant traction beyond the tech fans already buying into the Android ecosystem however.

The thing we geeks never seem to understand though, is the idea of style which a consumer might be willing to pay more for. Apple is one of the few tech companies managing this transition from “Geek” to “Chic” as they morph into a lifestyle brand. The Apple Watch was years late to the smartwatch game, but easily overtook the market in its first year of existence.

tag heuer connected smart watch android wear luxury (2)

We geeks might rant about the technology in competing watches being overly similar when comparing processors and screen resolution. If two gadgets have the same guts, shouldn’t they have the same price? I’ve gotten into visceral arguments with people using that argument, dogmatically ignoring things like build quality. Sure, two tablets might have the same processor, RAM, and storage. Though when one tablet is made out of plastic, and another is made out of injection molded magnesium, we should expect a price difference.

Again, we see this toxic “worth it” discussion coming from the techies. “It doesn’t do enough for the price.” “It’s not worth it for the monies.” “I would buy it if it magically read my mind, did my dishes, walked my dog, and only cost a half a ham sandwich.”

Watches though aren’t really technology products anymore. They used to serve a very practical purpose, at a glance delivery of the time, but now are fashion statements. No amount of functionality will convince someone to strap one on if it clashes with their sense of style. In this day and age, the label on the product often helps define what that style is.

tag heuer connected smart watch android wear luxury (4)

Tag Heuer expected production of 1200 watches a week would be sufficient to meet demand. They’re so far behind that even after ramping up production to 2000 units a week, they don’t expect that they’ll be able to re-open online sales until May or June of 2016. It’s overly cynical to suggest that people just waited until they had a higher price tag to throw money at a product. When showing off an expensive fashion product, the Tag Heuer name carries a lot more recognition from peers than the Huawei name. That kind of “exclusivity” isn’t particularly valued by people looking to make a statement.

Fitness trackers are flourishing, people understand their function, it’s hip to be improving your health, and people can overlook the gym style as there’s no expectation that you’ll wear a Fitbit with a pair of slacks or a suit.

Did Android Wear just need the name? Does the Louis Vuitton company have the reputation to start carving out a more legitimate niche for wearables?

LG V10 Arrives on AT&T Nov. 6 with Free Battery and 200GB Micro SD Card

LG’s new monster fashion phablet is finally making its way to AT&T!

Big Blue announced pricing and availability for the LG V10, and our estimates we’re right on. The pricing will land around $700 total when using AT&T’s $0 down, monthly pricing plans. On the Next program, the V10 will cost $35 a month when financing over 20 months, andthe phone will be on store shelves November 6th.

As with the G4 launch, LG will be sweetening the deal by adding in a spare battery, a battery charger, and a 200GB Micro SD Card. The V10 already comes standard with 64GB of built in storage, so this will provide a whopping amount of space for all of the incredible high bit rate video you’re going to shoot on this monster camera.

We’ve got the full scoop on the V10, and you can catch all of our reviews and comparisons below!

LG V10 Review

LG V10 Camera Review

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LG V10 Review: A Fashionable Phablet for Smartphone Power Users

LG is not going quiet, wrapping up 2015 with a bang. The V10 represents a new product line for the company, focusing on premium build materials and features built to entice power users and content creators. Is the experiment a successful one? Let’s take a look!

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Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Review: Is Sexy Style Enough?

It’s time to talk about the OTHER phablet Samsung released this year! The Galaxy S6 Edge+ is a sexy beast, but does that style mean you should spend your money on it? I’m a big fan of the Note, so I forced myself to use the Edge for a couple weeks before reviewing it. Let’s take a look!

Camera Review: https://youtu.be/qJpthH4npZ0
Speaker Review: https://youtu.be/X8uSLi1ObEg
Note 5 Review: https://youtu.be/Mk7-by4E4v

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Geek Chic: Dressing Up a Smartwatch – Horween Leather Bands from Popov Leather

Just because we use geek gear like smartwatches, doesn’t mean we can’t dress them up a bit. I’m a big fan of products that help our gadgets blend into our individual style and fashion. The folks at Popov Leather in Canada helped us out with some hand stitched Horween leather watch bands to dress up our wearable gizmos. Let’s take a look!

More info on Popov Leather products.

Tag Heuer Designed Android Wear Smartwatch to Sell for $1400

tag heuer smartwatch android wear google premium somegadgetguyMoving technology out of “geek” and into “chic” is now critical to get consumers to part with their cash. Apple raised the bar on what you could charge for a wrist wearable, and now traditional watch manufacturers are taking this sector more seriously.

Google announced a partnership with LVMH and we’ll soon see the fruits of that partnership under the Tag Heuer brand. Details are slim, and we don’t know yet what the watch will look like (the above pic is what I personally hope it’ll look like), but head of “Watchmaking Activities” Jean-Claude Biver estimates the watch will run for around 40 hours on a charge.

Their first Android Wear watch will land by November, and will launch at $1400, making it a perfect competitor to Apple’s midrange watch offering.

I’ve made comparisons in the past to Apple becoming less a tech company, and more a fashion brand like Luis Vuitton, which makes this an interesting fit for Google as Tag Heuer is owned by Luis Vuitton. Will partners like this improve the visibility if smartwatches and other wearables? Drop us a comment below!

(via Bloomberg)

Apple, Fashion, and Perceived Exclusivity – Keeping Desire High for iProducts

I recorded a video earlier this week in response to Apple’s MacBook and Apple Watch announcements, where I washed my hands of the tech angst many of us gadget geeks face when discussing Cupertino. Many of us who are now the most critical of the company, were at one time the most passionate advocates of the brand. I myself was an Apple product specialist for a company that sold systems and maintenance contracts to Department of Energy research facilities. The general thesis of my video focused on the realization and acceptance of the fact that Apple is not (and some would argue hasn’t been for some time) a tech company, but is now a full-fledged fashion and lifestyle brand.

Apple Watch stainless steel premium smartwatch iosScanning through Apple’s site and ads, we see a company showcasing design in much the same way that a jewelry website would show off luxury, premium offerings. Sure, there’s a tab you can click on to get a full listing of hardware specs, but it’s neatly tucked to the side, while large banners talk about “Reinventing the Laptop”, or how Apple Watch is their “Most Personal Device” yet. Marketing intangibles, statements designed to make you feel good, appeal to you emotionally, but which aren’t quantifiable or verifiable.

macbook gold new apple laptop OSX USB C netbookWhile Apple has often been accused of recycling their designs, the tick-tock update schedule of the iPhone is a perfect example, the company has learned an incredibly important strategy from the retail arena. While iProducts rarely change much from year to year, the subtle design changes keep brand awareness high amongst the demographics of folks with money to burn.

When moving from the Black iPhone 5, to the “Space Grey” iPhone 5S for example, this was a clear visual signal that you had spent money recently to acquire the new phone, instead of slumming it with an old phone. A Silver MacBook likely wont stand out much in a coffee shop when surrounded by MacBook Airs, but a Gold MacBook gives up a ready signal that you are on the pulse. It just wouldn’t do to be seen with last season’s Apple gear. We can count on the next MacBook to be a modest iteration improvement to the internal technology, but we’ll likely focus more on a new design accent or a new color option. Continue reading “Apple, Fashion, and Perceived Exclusivity – Keeping Desire High for iProducts”

LG Unveils Urbane Smartwatch in Official Announcement Video

LG has an entry level Android Wear watch with the G Watch, and the G Watch R was nicely positioned at the higher end of the smartwatch market.

It looks like LG is pushing into a more fashionable tier with the Urbane. Using the same tech internals and the gorgeous circular P-OLED display, Urbane streamlines the form factor and introduces gold and silver metal linings for a more upscale look.

We’re awaiting pricing info and shipping dates, but it would seem the Apple Watch has even more competition in the upscale “premium” smartwatch category.  Catch the teaser video below!