FFC VLOG: Will the iPhone 6 EVER be able to shoot 4K? NO. Here’s why. (shot on LG G3)

After producing our iPhone 6 camera review, I got a handful of comments from folks wondering if the iPhone 6 will ever be able to shoot UHD video. Unfortunately, I think it’ll be impossible, but not because the phone isn’t powerful enough. Let’s do a little math…

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FFC VLOG: #ListenWithLumia at the Firefly 2014 Music Festival! (Shot on Lumia 1520)

I had an AMAZING weekend thanks to the Lumia and Mix Radio crews flying a bunch of fun folks out to Delaware to hit the Firefly 2014 music festival!

Four days of live music and fun. I had a blast hanging out with amazing people and making some new friends. Here’s my recap of the weekend!

FFC VLOG: Viewer Question – Will Samsung bring Image Stabilization to UHD Video?

This VLOG comes from a viewer question.
Paul F. asks:

“Will Samsung fix the Galaxy S5’s 4K video stabilization with a software update in the future?”

Well Paul, let’s take a look at the GS5, and whether Samsung will be able to do that!

Friday Fun: How to Properly Make a Right Hand Turn in Los Angeles

For this VLOG we’re backtracking to test the front facing camera on the Galaxy S4, and helping you folks out with a diving tutorial.

If you’re thinking about visiting or moving to Los Angeles, here’s a handy driving tip for you to better blend in with the natives!