Galaxy S6 Edge+ vs LG G4 – Smartphone Comparison! FIGHT! Showdown! Battle!

Form or function? This year we’ve seen some great “debates” from smartphone manufacturers over what styles and which features consumers care about most. Let’s take a look at the Galaxy S6 Edge+ and how it compares to LG’s slightly older the flagship the G4. FIGHT!

LG G4: 2 Month follow up–akwc7-Y
GS6E+ Review
LG G4 Camera
GS6E+ Camera
LG G4 Speaker
GS6E+ Speaker

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Galaxy Note 5 vs LG G4 – Smartphone Fight!

These two phones target slightly different markets, but they share enough similarities that it’s time we put them through a comparison showdown! Which phone comes out on top? The LG G4 or the Samsung Galaxy Note 5? FIGHT!

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Note 5 Review:
LG G4 Review:
Note 5 Camera:
LG G4 Camera:
Note 5 Speaker:
LG G4 Speaker:

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Apple iPad Pro: Is it really a Surface Pro Killer?

Tech comparisons often fall into confirmation bias, telling people what they want to hear. Let’s get my personal bias out of the way right now. I’m a big fan of Microsoft’s current strategy of consolidating their operating systems under Windows 10, and making sure you can access all of their services no matter which phone, tablet, or computer you use.

Apple keynote wwdc 2015Screenshot (26)_resultApple made a lot of news yesterday announcing new iPhones, a new Apple TV, Apple Watch updates, and the iPad Pro. It seems pretty clear that Apple has the Surface Pro in their sites, as Microsoft is starting to build a little momentum with their “PC in a Tablet Shell” formula. There was a lot of talk from Apple over how their new tablets and phones were “desktop powerful” devices thanks to new mobile processors.

Pricing, form factor, accessories, even the apps showcased, Apple claims they have the solution for mobile productivity. How does their new iPad Pro compare to the older Surface Pro 3? Let’s take a look.

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Galaxy Note 5 vs Note 4 – Should You Upgrade?

The number one most common question I’ve gotten on my Note 5 coverage! Is the Note 5 “worth it” as an upgrade if you already have a Note 4? Well, let’s take a look at two Titans of productivity!

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Note 5 Review:
Note 4 Review:
Note 5 Camera:
Note 4 Camera:
Note 5 Speaker:
Note 4 Speaker:

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Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure Has Twitter Melt Down, Calls Out T-Mobile CEO John Legere Publicly

Oof. Even if you’re right, calling out someone publicly might not be the best way to win hearts and minds.

We’ve covered the war of words often fought between fourth place carrier Sprint and third place carrier T-Mobile. Usually reserved for press releases, those digs can be a fun way to shake up otherwise dry industry news. It’s rare though that the public face of a company takes the gloves off on a platform like Twitter.

Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure, after responding to a somewhat snotty question about T-Mobile’s yearly phone upgrades, decided he needed to call out Lil Magenta’s CEO directly over what he considers to be a deceptive pricing scheme.

sprint ceo twitter meltdownIt is super frustrating when there’s a market perception of a product or service which isn’t quite, though we don’t often see figures like these lose their cool. T-Mobile set the standard for making headlines by calling out Verizon and AT&T. Could this be a new era of tough talk for Sprint?

LG Smartphone Showdown! G Flex 2 -VS- Original G Flex! Battle! Fight!

I’m really glad that LG is continuing the “Flex” experiment. Is the G Flex 2 a worthy successor to the original? I think it’s time for a good old fashioned showdown!

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4K Video Showdown! LG G Flex 2 vs Nokia Lumia 930 (Icon)! You Decide the Best UHD Video!

I could blather on about the pros and cons of each camera, or I could just let each camera speak for itself! I spent a lovely day at the Los Angeles Zoo with the LG G Flex 2 pitting it against my old favorite, the Nokia Lumia 930/Icon.

Which phone shoots the best UHD video? Well that’s up to you!

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Shop the Nokia Lumia Icon on Amazon.

Russia Tries to Trash Talk NASA, Gets Slapped By Elon Musk

Elon_Musk_-_The_Summit_2013Aw social media. The great equalizer. Giving people who should know better the tools to publicly embarrass themselves.

Take this little gem of an exchange. Dmitry Rogozin, the Russian Deputy of Military and Space, was apparently unhappy about the recent sanctions imposed, and had this to say on Twitter:

Analyzing sanctions against our kosmoproma, suggest the U.S. to take its astronauts to the ISS using the trampoline

Ouch. Gonna need some ice for that burn, but who should come to our rescue? Why none other than Mr. Tesla McSpaceX himself Elon Musk! His reply:

Sounds like this might be a good time to unveil the new Dragon Mk 2 spaceship that @SpaceX has been working on w @NASA. No trampoline needed.

It’d be great if Russia could once again play the bad guys to motivate us into spending more on our space agency again. I mean, without all that actual pesky cold war nonsense of course. In the meantime, we’ll just keep pointing to Mr. Musk as our own real life Tony Stark.