Friday Film Fan – Movies You May Have Missed 09 – ‘Princess Mononoke’

Our first animated feature, this was one of the most requested films for us to talk about when starting our show. What better place to start than with a Hayao Miyazaki classic!
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Friday Film Fan: Movies You May Have Missed 07 – ‘Primer’

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What’s the deal with time travel? Always full of paradoxes or plot holes, hasn’t ANYONE made a smarter time travel movie? This week we take a look at one of the smartest, brain twistiest, plot-hole-lackingness, time travel films of ALL TIME! Let’s watch Primer!

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#SGGQA 16: Best Phone Camera, Giggleflips & Megapickles, Nightmares, and iPhone Review Reactions!

We’ve got a HUGE show for you this week folks! We’ve got questions on the best smartphone cameras, we’ll be reading your reactions to the iPhone 6S review, explaining what the heck a “Megapickle” is, and talking about nightmares! Make sure you’re charged and ready! IT’S PODCAST TIME!

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Friday Fun: What if ‘Man of Steel’ Was in Color?

This video does an excellent job of nailing one of the technical criticisms I had with Man of Steel, and something which I feel will continue to be an issue with Batman v Superman. It would seem that DC learned the wrong lesson from Christopher Nolan’s Batman films. That because the Dark Knight franchise was successful, and they were dark and gritty with muted color, then ALL superhero films should be dark and gritty with muted color.

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Should You Run From ‘It Follows’? – A Movie We Hope You Don’t Miss!

I loves me a good scary movie! Producer Marie and I went to a late showing of indie sweetheart ‘It Follows’, and I had to share my thoughts as soon as I got home. It’s an indie horror sweetheart, but does it live up to the hype? Let’s chat about some spooooooooky things…

Connect Disney Movies Anywhere to Google Play – Get Free Copy of ‘Wreck-It Ralph’

Screenshot (236)Disney is bringing their streaming movie service to Google Play.

Starting today you can connect your Disney Movies Anywhere account to your Google account, and your films will be available through Play on any of your Android devices. This works for all Disney, Pixar, and Marvel films, and it works in both directions, so fret not if you purchased your films through Google Play, they’ll now also show up in your Anywhere account too.

To celebrate the new partnership Disney is giving away free copies of Wreck-It Ralph to people who sign up! So go get them folks!

Disney Movies Anywhere

‘The Expendables 3’ Leaks Online in DVD Quality Before Film’s Release

The-Expendables-3Often when copies of a film show up online close to a film’s release in theaters, they’re often bad camera jobs. People pointing a camera at a movie theater screen to capture the footage. No such luck for the producers on ‘The Expendables 3‘ as a DVD quality rip of the film showed up on file sharing services July 24th.

It’s not clear who leaked the film, but it’s already been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times. It will be interesting to see how this might affect the box office tally for the film which opens August 15th. If it takes a bad beat opening weekend, you can be sure that heads will roll at distributor Lionsgate over how this screener got loose.

Before people get too excited about snagging a copy of the film for free on their favorite torrent service, production company Nu Image has been active in the past in suing people sharing previous titles of theirs. With a leak this potentially damaging, we might assume they’ll be very active in trying to chill sharing activity…