All Three Seasons of MTV’s Liquid Television available on for FREE

The transfers are terrible. The audio is hissy and noisy. The resolution is low. The aspect ratio is old.

And none of that matters.

The huge wave of nostalgia is legit. Liquid Television was MTV’s animation and sketch showcase, providing real cable TV airtime to independent producers and animators. Often silly, sometimes trippy, occasionally profound. This was the birthplace for properties like Aeon Flux and Beavis and Butthead.

A user by the name of “MTV” has uploaded all three (poorly transfered) seasons up to It doesn’t appear to be an authorized account actually representing the (former) Music Television cable channel. The uploads are under a Public Domain license, which also doesn’t make a lot of sense from a Viacom owned brand. You might need to jump on these before they’re pulled.

I’ll always have fond memories of staying up late to watch content which felt so subversive for the time. That feeling of unease and awe. Even if you’re not a 90’s kid, you can get a really good look at indie production before we had the internet as a distribution platform.

MTV’s Liquid Television on

UPDATED! LG Offering Free Spare Battery and 32GB Memory Card for G4 Owners

LG is extending this promotion! You’ll be able to land a spare battery and a MicroSD card until June 30th! Pretty great incentive to shopping their newest flagship phone. If you were on the fence, you can check out our mega collection of G4 videos, or you can jump straight to shopping the LG G4 online.

lg g4 free battery memory card promotionLG seems to be sticking it to Samsung in two areas where the Galaxy S6 can’t compete: swapping the battery and expanding the storage.

For a limited time, people who have purchased the G4, or folks who will be buying the G4, can receive a free spare battery, a battery cradle, and a 32GB Sandisk MicroSD card for free. The promotion runs through July 6, and most outlets should be carrying the G4 in early June.

Carrier pricing for the G4 hasn’t been revealed yet, though T-Mobile’s contest values it at $600, well under the price of the 32GB Galaxy S6. As the G4 already has better battery life, will doubling that run time and storage for free tempt you over Samsung’s 64GB Galaxy S6 at almost $800? Drop us a comment below!

LG Promotion Page
LG G4 Full Review

‘Better Call Saul’ Premier Free on Google Play

Better-Call-SaulHey cord cutters!

This one is quick and easy. The premier episode of Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul is free on Google Play. Pretty much like the title of this post said. Who knows for how long, so I’d go grab it now.

Better Call Saul on Google Play

App Review: Blue Skies Weather App for Windows Phone 8.1

There are a number of weather apps available in the windows store to choose from. I like to try different apps to bring you the best of what is available and I came across this sweet weather app from Blue Skies.

Blue Skies is designed and developed by Rohit Rajendran who did an amazing job. He literally thought of everything you need from a weather app.

Blue Skies has a well designed UI that is very easy on the eyes, and is simple to navigate. There are light and dark themes to suit your needs. On the first screen you will see basic information about weather in your city. If you tap on the circle it will give you wind and chance of rain. Near the bottom of the screen it will tell you how far the nearest storm is from you.

Heading over to the next screen on Blue Skies you will see your high and low for the day, humidity, precipitation, sunrise and sunset. The boxes at the bottom of the screen will show your weather throughout the different times of the day. Just scroll through the boxes to see if you will need sunglasses, your umbrella or snow shoes! Continue reading “App Review: Blue Skies Weather App for Windows Phone 8.1”

Google Earth Pro is Now Free for All

gep-post-pdx-resizedGoogle Earth was one of those services that really showed off what a company could do with mapping data, and I’m sure many man hours have been spent doing virtual flyovers of spots around the world.

While there was a free consumer version of Earth, for professionals needing high resolution imaging, a subscription for Earth Pro used to cost $399 a year. Now everyone can join in the fun by requesting a free license, which will also allow for high res printing and the ability to create animated videos.

Will you be signing up? Because it’s free… So why wouldn’t you?

Google’s full PR is below.

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Valentine’s Day Freebie: DE LA SOUL giving away their ENTIRE album catalog!

de la soul free valentines day albumsNot a lot to this post. If you dig DE LA SOUL (and you don’t already own their entire catalog), they’re hooking you up today only!

Head over to and sign up for the mailing list. About an hour later you’ll have a link in your email to download the albums you want. It’s a fun way to spike some conversation in anticipation of their upcoming album You’re Welcome, which we’re still waiting on a release date.


FOX Sports streaming Super Bowl XLVIII Online for all for free!

Super_Bowl_XLVIII_logoI know a lot of people who have cut the cable cord over the last couple years. For the most part services like Hulu and Netflix can satisfy TV and movie viewing, but live sporting events can sometimes present a challenge. One pal in particular lives in an area where he can’t quite get good reception over the air with an HD Antenna.

Well for The Big Game™ ®©, Fox isn’t taking any chances with people not watching the game or the ads, and are allowing everyone to stream over Fox Sports Go. This is a service similar to HBO Go and normally requires authentication from a cable provider. Today they’re waiving that requirement.

Starting at 12pm ET, pre-game coverage will start streaming for free. It’s a brilliant move, as sports fans will get to try out the service, and it makes those expensive ad buys even more valuable as more eye balls will be on data driven screens.

Thanks to Derek Ross on G+ for the tip, and he also mentions that streaming the game over a computer and sending it to your TV via a Chromecast works well!

Super Bowl XLVIII on Fox Sports Go!

Spotify Removes Time Limit Caps for Music Streaming

spotify nomorelimits1This one’s short and sweet.

Do you use Spotify? Well now Spotify is removing time limit caps for free accounts across all devices. iOS, Android and through a browser, now all devices have the same access to unlimited music streaming. Super handy.

For those wanting to step up, their premium monthly plans will also remove ads and allow for offline storage, but those of you streaming in your cubicle are in for a treat.

More info at Spotify, or read the PR below:

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