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Friday Fun: #LootCrate Unboxing for September 2014 “Galactic”

It’s time again to tear into our monthly subscription geek and gamer gear service LOOTCRATE! This month’s theme is “Galactic” which means we can expect to see stuff from shows and movies with the word “Star” in the title! Let’s dig in!

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Friday Fun: Bill Gates Takes Ice Bucket Challenge to the Next Level!

You can always count on Gates to take it up a notch!

Bill Gates accepts Mark Zuckerberg’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and nominates Elon Musk, Ryan Seacrest and Chris Anderson from TED to participate and raise awareness for ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

Friday Fun: Daughter & Father Record their Reactions to Watching Scary Film – Hilarity Ensues

the_conjuringFamily bonding at its finest!

I’m a sucker for scary films, and I loves me a good reaction video. This Father (who isn’t a fan of horror) stuck it out for some Daddy Daughter bonding and captured some hysterical moments of fright while the two watched The Conjuring together.

I loathe horror films, but my oldest daughter has a penchant for them. She thought it would be cute to record ourselves watching The Conjuring. My embarrassment is for your pleasure. Enjoy!

Friday Fun: OK GO’s video for ‘Writing’s on the Wall’ will warp your brain!

ok go writings on the wall music videoI love OK GO. They produce some of the most inventive music videos in an age where the traditional music video has become passé.

Their latest outing is no exception, and the video they’ve cut for Writing’s on the Wall explores many of our favorite optical illusions. Doesn’t hurt that I also really like the song. Enjoy!

Friday Fun: Loot Crate Un-boxing! November 2013 CELEBRATE #LootCrate

LootCrate Whats in the boxOh how I loves me some loot!

Each month cool geeky gamer gear is lovingly delivered right to my doorstep. A small mysterious black box is dropped off, and it’s always a surprise seeing what’s inside!

Last month Loot Crate was rocking some zombie gear!  This month’s theme is CELEBRATE, and it’s time to see what we’ll be celebrating!

You can sign up to receive your very own Loot Crates! $13.37 + $6 shipping. Less than $20 for way more than $20 worth of gear! Oh, would you like to get it even cheaper? Save 10% on your Loot Crate by using promo code “SGLOOT” at checkout!

Sign up for Loot Crate: http://LootCrate.com/GadgetGuy

Friday fun: Will.i.am tries to explain his iPhone case…

It’s not like he built his career on trying to be a wordsmith or anything…

Microsoft Support: If your Surface wont turn on, Tap on Settings…

LB_8705This is just funny.

Occasionally things bork. Happens to all gadgets. It’s frustrating, but you find some support and you get the problem fixed. For those times when your shiny brand new Surface tablet wont turn on, Microsoft has some helpful advice.

From the MS Support page:

If your Surface RT or Surface 2 won’t turn on, here are several steps you can take to pin point the cause and fix the problem.

Before you begin
***Step 1: Unplug the Surface power cord from the electrical outlet, and if you have any of the following remove or disconnect them from Surface:

  • Power supply
  • Surface Cover
  • microSD card
  • USB devices such as printers, keyboards, or mice
  • Video or audio cables or adapters

***Step 2: Swipe in from the right edge of the screen, and tap Settings.
***Step 3: Tap Power, and then tap Shutdown.
***Step 4: Next, make a few preliminary checks:

Is the electrical outlet you’re using to charge your Surface working properly?
Try plugging something else into the outlet and see if it works.
Are conditions right for recharging?
It’s best to charge your battery near room temperature. Surface is designed to work between 32° and 95°Fahrenheit (0° and 35° Celsius).
Are the magnetic charging connectors clean and free of damage?

Wait what… Rewind that…

It doesn’t look like Microsoft really thought out steps two and three there…

Friday Fun: The New York Subway Signs Experiment – Playing With Subway Conductors

new york subway driver pointI love things like this, subtly warping reality for a person in a fun way. Acknowledging something specific about what they do, which other folks might not be aware of, and using that thing to get a laugh or a smile.

Apparently New York Subway Conductors have to point at special signs at every stop they make. So how might they respond if you added something funny to those sign?