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Friday Fun: Apparently Netflix Has AMAZING Customer Service…

netflix-logoI read through this online customer service chat exchange, jaw dropped.

Why is it I NEVER get THIS guy whenever I have a problem with something and have to resort to an online chat?

This dude at Netflix is amazing, and he totally deserves a raise.

No lie.

God speed Captain Mike!

Happy Friday.

Enjoy (I posted the pic of the exchange after the jump).

(via Reddit)

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Friday Fun: Arnold Schwarzenegger Post a Pic of his Awesome improvised iPad sound system

I’ve been on sets where you’re bored, waiting for a new setup or a camera and lighting change, and maybe you get a bit goofy. Maybe you wanna listen to some tunes. Maybe you want to share those tunes, but you only brought your iPad. Well if you’re Arnold Schwarzenegger, a little limitation like not having a speaker dock isn’t going to hold you back. You’re going to get creative and crush that problem.

Friday Fun: Why Louis C. K. Hates Cell Phones and Thinks Children Shouldn’t Use Them…

You can always count on Louis C.K. to have a “unique” perspective on modern society. On the Conan O’Brien he takes a couple minutes to skewer smartphone usage. There’s a little NSFW language on this one folks. So maybe watch it on your phone instead of your work computer… ┬áIt’s what Louis would want you to do…

Friday Retro Fun: Walter Cronkite shows us the home office of 2001 (from 1967)

It’s always kinda cool to see how much futurists of the past got correct. It’s also kind of crazy to think that today a phone which fits in our pocket replicates all of the functionality on display here (and more).

Happy Friday!