Galaxy Note 5 vs Note 4 – Should You Upgrade?

The number one most common question I’ve gotten on my Note 5 coverage! Is the Note 5 “worth it” as an upgrade if you already have a Note 4? Well, let’s take a look at two Titans of productivity!

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Smartphone Review: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – The New Android King

Samsung created the phablet market as we understand it today with the original Note. The Note has become their Bleeding Edge platform, superseding even the Galaxy S line in cramming high tech guts into a phone. The Note 4 also brings the new design language we saw first on the Galaxy Alpha. Does the whole package live up to the extremely high expectations the Note line has created? Let’s take a look!

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Camera Review: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on AT&T (Real-World Video Samples in UHD) 4K

It’s finally here! The Note 4 was my most anticipated android camera review of the year. Now that it’s in my hands, how does this beast of a phone perform? Let’s take a look.
Make sure you bump up the quality on this one!

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Smartphone Speaker Test: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on AT&T (Movie and Music Playback Samples)

The Note series have always boast “BIG” specs, and the Note 4 is no exception. With all of the space to cram in high end guts, how has the speaker fared? Let’s take a listen!

Compare the Note 4 speaker to the iPhone 6+ and the HTC One M8.
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Samsung Video Details Galaxy Note 4 S-Pen Features

If you’ve been wondering what new advanced features were coming to the S-Pen Stylus on the Galaxy Note 4, Samsung has produced this adorable little video to help whet your appetite for their upcoming super phablet. Enjoy!

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Edge Brings a Different Bend to the Curved Screen

galaxy note 4 edge front and backSamsung’s Unpacked event at IFA this year saw a couple of exciting announcements. Of course most were on tap to see the release of the newest member to the Galaxy Note series. Rumors were flying about a curved AMOLED display. We’d seen previous attempts from Samsung with the Galaxy Round, and LG released a banana curved G Flex, but toying with the popular Note could have been a risky proposition.

For the Note 4 Edge, Samsung has done something a bit asymmetrical. The right hand side of the screen tapers off giving the device a screen which wraps around that corner. It’s a dramatic effect, and Sammy is using it for a variety of functions. It can act like a dock for app shortcuts, it can display time and notifications. It handily houses settings for the camera app (keeping the viewfinder free). Scrolling widgets can be housed on the edge, and while the main screen area is off, the side can still display time allowing it to act like a bedside clock.

What’s a little curious is that Samsung hasn’t made both sides taper off. It could have been our first side bezel-less phone. Hopefully this doesn’t affect the usage for left handed folks. Otherwise, the Edge very much resembles the Note 3 in terms of general design, but thankfully the guts of this phone are getting an upgrade. Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Edge Brings a Different Bend to the Curved Screen”

Samsung Asks “Are You Ready to Note?” in Galaxy Note 4 Teaser Video

Looks like Samsung will be focusing on the stylus action for their upcoming super-phablet, the Galaxy Note 4.

Humans used tools from the very beginning.
Samsung GALAXY Note has introduced yet another tool.
Fit for the way we live today, the S Pen is a truly notable invention since, well… the pen.
Innovation for today and tomorrow.
Expect more on your Note for writing. Ready to Note?

Yeah Samsung. We’re ready, and apparently we’ll learn more come September 3rd!