Galaxy S6 Active: A Day at the Waterpark for #ATTMobileReview!

What better way to test a waterproof phone than to take it out for a spin at a waterpark? The folks at AT&T set up a fun blogger meet up at Knott’s Berry Farm Surf City. How did the Galaxy S6 Active fare? Let’s take a look!

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Galaxy S6 Active Review: The Full Scoop on Samsung’s Newest Rugged Phone

In the past, rugged phones have come with compromises. Features like the camera and speaker are often sacrificed to reach a certain price point. Now into their third iteration of rugged Galaxy, does Samsung fall into the same trap with the Galaxy S6 Active? Let’s take a look!

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Galaxy S6 Active Speaker Test.
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UPDATE from AT&T – Samsung Announces Galaxy S6 Active

CGlodt8UIAA98cp.jpg largeUPDATE!

AT&T has finally weighed in! The Galaxy S6 Active will be available starting June 12. They’re being frustratingly coy about pricing, just giving us the Next monthly payment pricing. At $23 a month on Next 24, that would put price near the HTC One M9 and LG G Flex 2. We can expect an off contract price over $700.

Also interesting, AT&T is listing the battery at 3500mAh, instead of the 2550mAh that Samsung listed the battery at. If thisĀ  is true, we could have a monster variant of the S6 on our hands, as battery life on the regular S6 is often criticized.

You can catch AT&T’s full press release after the original blog post below.

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