DINOSAURS in 4K! LA Natural History Museum (Shot on Galaxy S6 with KumbaCam Stabilizer)

Spent a day at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum with my Samsung Galaxy S6 and a KumbaCam smartphone steadicam stabilizer. It’s pretty incredible, the quality of footage we can achieve with consumer products these days…

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How to Add Storage and Move Files on Your Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung abandoned memory cards on the Galaxy S6, so while it has a fantastic camera, you can fill up that storage pretty quick with UHD video. Thankfully with USB host capabilities we have a couple options available to handle file management. Here are the two solutions I’m currently using on my GS6!

Leef MicroSD Card Reader Review.
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LG G4 vs Galaxy S6 – Battle of the Android Flagship Smartphones! Fight!

For Android fans, this will likely be the biggest fight of the year!

Samsung and LG have produced very different phones for this generation of flagship Android. The Galaxy S6 is a radical departure from the GS5. The G4 is more of a refinement over the G3. Which manufacturer is traveling down the better path? Let’s take a look!

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LG G4 Full Review.
Galaxy S6 Full Review.
LG G4 Camera Review.
Galaxy S6 Camera Review.
LG G4 Speaker Test.
Galaxy S6 Speaker Test.
LG G4 Front Facing Camera VLOG.
Galaxy S6 Front Facing Camera VLOG.
LG G4 vs GS6 Camera Comparison.

Reader Poll: LG G4 vs Galaxy S6 – UHD Video Showdown!

You decide the winner in this UHD Video showdown!

Watch the video embedded and then vote in the poll below! Who made the better smartphone camera? LG or Samsung? FIGHT!

Galaxy S6 Full Camera Review.
LG G4 Full Camera Review.

Reader Poll: Galaxy S6 vs Lumia 930 – UHD Video Showdown!

Two phones enter! YOU decide which phone leaves!

Watch the video, pitting the Galaxy S6 against the Lumia 930 (Icon) in an Ultra HD showdown, make sure you go fullscreen and bump up the quality, then vote in the poll below!

Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition for Galaxy S6 Available Online for $199

samsung gear vr innovator edition galaxy s6VR tech is heating up and we’re getting more options for consumers.

If you’re a Galaxy S6 owner, you can now pick up a Gear VR headset built on Oculus Rift tech. Utilizing the screen and processing power of your S6, you can strap this puppy to your face to experience immersive gaming and video.

Samsung is also touting their Milk VR service which streams 360 degree video, similar to Youtube’s roll out of their 360 video service.

The Innovator Edition is available online now for $199 and thankfully works with both the S6 and the S6 Edge (unlike the Note 4 version of the Gear VR). The headset should be available to purchase in store at Best Buy later this month.

Gear Innovator Edition for Galaxy S6 (Samsung)

Review: Samsung Galaxy S6 on AT&T – Form Over Function?

The Galaxy S6 represents a radical change from the S5 and the Note line of phones. Samsung’s response to criticisms, and lagging sales, showcases a renewed focus on fashion, design, and style. Is it just a pretty face? Let’s take a look…

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Galaxy S6 Full Camera Review
Galaxy S6 Speaker Test
Galaxy S6 vs LG G4
Galaxy S6 vs Moto X
Galaxy S6 vs Lumia 930
GS6 Front Facing Camera Test (VLOG)
GS6 UHD Video vs Lumia 930
GS6 UHD Video vs LG G4

4K Smartphone Camera Review: Real World Video Samples from the Samsung Galaxy S6 on AT&T (UHD)

Samsung has been on a roll with their camera tech. Does the Galaxy S6 continue their record of delivering excellent optics? Does it live up to the hype? Let’s run this flagship smartphone though our slate of real world video tests!

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