SomeGadgetGuy’s International Samsung Gear Smartwatch Giveaway!

Fun fact: Did you know that almost 70% of my Youtube audience lives OUTSIDE the USA?I feel like celebrating!

How about a nice new smartwatch for Samsung owners, and let’s make this contest a WORLDWIDE affair! Yup. I’ll ship this puppy anywhere I can legally send a product, so don’t be shy.

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Long Term Review: Samsung Gear S on AT&T – The Smartwatch to Beat?

Apple would have you believe smartwatches are brand spanking new, but Samsung has already released three generations of Gear products. The Gear S represents the company’s most ambitious push in migrating data services to your wrist. Does it live up to the hype? Let’s take a look!

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Samsung Gear S Smartwatch Hits AT&T Nov. 7 for $199 on 2-Year Contract

samsung_gear_s_image_storypage.jpg.thumb.432.946The Gear S is blurring the lines between wearable and phone. Featuring a curved AMOLED display, 4GB of storage, and a 4G radio, it’s the most connected device we’ll see people strapping to their wrist.

It’s an interesting commentary, introducing products for specific use cases which can act independently of our phones when we need them to, especially targeting the growing fitness market.

AT&T has confirmed that the Gear S will be available November 7th for $199 on a two year contract, and the Gear S should be priced like a mid-range phone for those folks who want to buy one off contract. I’m expecting it to be under $400, but probably not by much. While that might seem “spendy” for a watch, it’s still in the Apple Watch ballpark, and this will be Samsung’s third iteration of the Gear, hopefully bringing continued refinement to the Tizen OS.

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Samsung Gear S Smartwatch to Feature Curved Screen and 3G Cell Radio

Samsung_Gear_S_02_640We’re still waiting on the Moto360 and whatever watch Apple might eventually bring to the table, but the market isn’t standing still. Now Samsung has taken the wraps off of the newest entry to their Gear line of smartwatches.

samsung gear 2 hero profileThe Gear S is another Tizen offering, which will not use Android Wear like the Gear Live, but features a curved AMOLED display. It looks like it should wrap around the wrist in a slightly more comfortable way than some of the other rectangular screened watches available.

It wont be packing the camera or IR blaster found in the Gear 2, but it will add in a 3G cell radio and WiFi, making it more of a standalone data enabled device, similar to what Timex recently announced with their rugged watch. Using an almost comically small on screen keyboard or S-Voice will allow users to reply to incoming message, and the 3G connectivity will provide voice calling features as well. It could prove to be a decent stand alone experience for folks who want basic communication and media streaming while working out and don’t want to pack a bulky smartphone.

Gear S should be available in October, with pricing info to follow soon. Full PR below.

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