LG V10 Mega 4K Camera Review! Does It Live Up to The Hype?

The G4 had one of my all time favorite smartphone cameras. With the V10, LG is looking to improve their video by introducing manual settings similar to their still photography controls. Does the V10 improve upon its predecessor? Does it live up to the hype? Let’s take a look at the most comprehensive camera review available for LG’s fashionable flagship phone!

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Apple, Fashion, and Perceived Exclusivity – Keeping Desire High for iProducts

I recorded a video earlier this week in response to Apple’s MacBook and Apple Watch announcements, where I washed my hands of the tech angst many of us gadget geeks face when discussing Cupertino. Many of us who are now the most critical of the company, were at one time the most passionate advocates of the brand. I myself was an Apple product specialist for a company that sold systems and maintenance contracts to Department of Energy research facilities. The general thesis of my video focused on the realization and acceptance of the fact that Apple is not (and some would argue hasn’t been for some time) a tech company, but is now a full-fledged fashion and lifestyle brand.

Apple Watch stainless steel premium smartwatch iosScanning through Apple’s site and ads, we see a company showcasing design in much the same way that a jewelry website would show off luxury, premium offerings. Sure, there’s a tab you can click on to get a full listing of hardware specs, but it’s neatly tucked to the side, while large banners talk about “Reinventing the Laptop”, or how Apple Watch is their “Most Personal Device” yet. Marketing intangibles, statements designed to make you feel good, appeal to you emotionally, but which aren’t quantifiable or verifiable.

macbook gold new apple laptop OSX USB C netbookWhile Apple has often been accused of recycling their designs, the tick-tock update schedule of the iPhone is a perfect example, the company has learned an incredibly important strategy from the retail arena. While iProducts rarely change much from year to year, the subtle design changes keep brand awareness high amongst the demographics of folks with money to burn.

When moving from the Black iPhone 5, to the “Space Grey” iPhone 5S for example, this was a clear visual signal that you had spent money recently to acquire the new phone, instead of slumming it with an old phone. A Silver MacBook likely wont stand out much in a coffee shop when surrounded by MacBook Airs, but a Gold MacBook gives up a ready signal that you are on the pulse. It just wouldn’t do to be seen with last season’s Apple gear. We can count on the next MacBook to be a modest iteration improvement to the internal technology, but we’ll likely focus more on a new design accent or a new color option. Continue reading “Apple, Fashion, and Perceived Exclusivity – Keeping Desire High for iProducts”

My Week Without a Smartwatch…

qualcomm toq activity tracker update smartwatchI’ve been super critical of the smartwatch. I make no effort to hide the fact that I hope people will move directly to heads up displays soon. I think they’re an evolutionary midpoint, a convenient way to continue the conversation on wearable computing started by Bluetooth headsets. Having worn watches like the Toq, Martian, and Pebble for a couple months now though, my opinion on smartwatches has changed a bit, and lately I’ve been more positive on the experience.

During my recent trip to Vancouver, I opted for a Windows Phone instead of an Android. It provided me a better camera and the ability to store maps for offline use, handy as data was something of a premium on my pre-pay SIM. Unfortunately this meant no smartwatch support. I was surprised by how much I missed wearing one… Continue reading “My Week Without a Smartwatch…”

Behind the Scenes at Loot Crate. How cool geek and gamer gear ends up on your doorstep!

It’s 11 am on a Wednesday. I’ve pulled up to a non-descript warehouse space in Pasadena, so non-descript I’m not entirely sure at first if I’m in the right place. The sign above the door is from a water treatment company. It’s not until I’ve rounded the parking lot that I see a giant black bus with “LOOTCRATE” painted on the side. Peaking inside the warehouse I see an incredible number of small black boxes stacked up, about ten feet tall, but we’ll talk about that more in a bit.

I’m here to chat with Matthew Arevalo, one of the Co-Founders of Loot Crate. Loot Crate is a subscription box service focusing on geeks and gamers. Each month, for less than $20 after shipping and handing, a small black cardboard crate is delivered to subscribers’ doors filled with various products which might appeal to the geek chic. Previous boxes have had t-shirts, candy, stickers, gaming peripherals, sunglasses, and even a copy of The Zombie Survival Guide. Matthew has invited me in to take a quick peek behind the scenes.

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Friday Fun: Loot Crate Un-boxing! November 2013 CELEBRATE #LootCrate

LootCrate Whats in the boxOh how I loves me some loot!

Each month cool geeky gamer gear is lovingly delivered right to my doorstep. A small mysterious black box is dropped off, and it’s always a surprise seeing what’s inside!

Last month Loot Crate was rocking some zombie gear!  This month’s theme is CELEBRATE, and it’s time to see what we’ll be celebrating!

You can sign up to receive your very own Loot Crates! $13.37 + $6 shipping. Less than $20 for way more than $20 worth of gear! Oh, would you like to get it even cheaper? Save 10% on your Loot Crate by using promo code “SGLOOT” at checkout!

Sign up for Loot Crate: http://LootCrate.com/GadgetGuy