The Galaxy Note 8 is NOT a Productivity Phone – Pocketnow #TechDebate

Is the Galaxy Note 8 a productivity phone or not? Or any Note, for that matter. Welcome to a proper debate on this topic, where YOU the viewer will deliver the verdict. Jaime Rivera and Juan Bagnell debate on whether the Note is more of a productivity tool than any other smartphone or not, and you decide in a viewer poll who was more persuasive. This is part of our Pocketnow #TechDebate series we recently kicked off, so help us out with a share, suggest some topics in the comments below, and make sure you vote in that viewer poll!

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360VLOG: Gadget Lab 2.0 Office Tour! How I get work done!

I’ve been asked several times recently to chat about how I’ve set up my office to shoot YouTube videos. Thought this would be a fun opportunity to use the Insta360 Air again. At least the easiest way to shoot a video like this and not have to do a ton of editing… But I digress…

I wrote a book! If you want to take your smartphone photography and video skills up a notch, you’ll want to read my book! ‘Take Better Photos: Smartphone Photography for Noobs!’ is now available –
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Video First Look: Google’s new “Inbox” app for GMail!

Email is one of my biggest time wasters when it comes to getting my work done, and I’m pretty terrible at organizing it consistently. Any tools that can actually help me clean out my inbox are greatly appreciated, and that’s what Google is aiming to do with this new Inbox app. At the time this video was shot, it was an Invite only public BETA, so let’s take a look!

App Review: Top Task List for Windows Phone 8

050Go! Go! Go! It seems like all of us are on the go and multitasking throughout the day. Sometimes we overlook a simple or important task. I believe some organization is called for and the Top Task List app for Windows phones is here to do the trick!

Top Task List was created by Vladimir Pogrebinsky who really thought through of all the details for the functionality of this app. For each and every task, project or reminder   you can organize them by color, date and order of importance. You can pin your task as a tile to your home screen for a quick view to see what needs to get done as well as choosing a custom color for that specific tile. As far as creating your new task is concerned, I will tell you that it is easy breezy! You simply press the add button and begin creating your new task. When creating your new task you will see plenty of options to organize your new task. You can name your new task then add a note and even add a specific person or place to your new task. Another great feature is that you can take a quick photo to add to your task and the ability to add a specific task or a folder to the lockscreen. Continue reading “App Review: Top Task List for Windows Phone 8”