T-Mobile tries their hand at a Galaxy S5 Unboxing Video

galaxy s5 unboxing video t-mobileFirst Samsung delivers a full hands on video of the Galaxy S5, now T-Mobile is delivering my least favorite flavor of Geek Porn.

The Unboxing Video.

In true unboxing form, over a third of the video is just a pair of disembodied hands holding Samsung’s packaging. If you really needed to hear someone read the specs off the side of the box, and eventually hold the phone in their hands, while also showing you the cable and charger, then this is the video for you!

I have to admit a bit of disappointment though as you’d think that a company like T-Mobile would be able to produce a higher quality video, at least something better than 720p shot on a potato…

Samsung Drops Hands On Videos for Galaxy S5 and Gear 2

glam_gear-2-fit-galaxy-s5-blackWhy wait for reviewers? You can get the full scoop on all the new features coming to the Galaxy S5 and Gear smartwatches before they’re released! The following two videos have all that handsy gadget molestation action you folks are so fond of, with an 8 minute vid for the GS5 and 9 minutes for all the Gear 2 and Gear Fit. Enjoy!

Nokia Lumia Icon Camera Review: The Most Comprehensive Camera Test Online!

With a camera which performs VERY similarly to the Lumia 1520, we finally run the Nokia Lumia Icon through our real world camera test bench.

Bright scenes, Macro, exposure transitions, low light, and we spend some time to focus on the audio! Let’s check out this Icon!

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1st Impressions: Nokia lumia Icon (Shot from my hotel room for Social Media Week 2014 NYC)

Nokia has updated Verizon’s Windows Phone, moving from the 928 to a name, the Lumia Icon. I had to shoot this from my hotel room at SMW 2014, so pardon the drab surface, but let’s take a quick look at Nokia’s latest offering for Big Red!

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Long Term Review: Samsung ATIV S Neo on AT&T – 2 Months with a Non-Nokia Windows Phone…

I’m a fan of Windows Phone, but I’ve primarily used Nokia devices.

My one other experience with a Samsung WP was decent enough, so I felt it was time to revisit them with the ATIV S Neo on AT&T. I really wanted to give the phone a fair shake, and see if I liked Windows Phone, or if I just liked Nokia hardware.

The grand experiment. It didn’t go so well…

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Review: Outdoor Tech Turtle Shell 2.0 – Water Resistant Bluetooth Speaker

turtle shell 2.0 review SomeGadgetGuy

I’m really liking this new crop of outdoor and ruggedized gear.

I enjoyed Outdoor Tech’s ADAPT bluetooth headphone adapter, and they were kind enough to send out a Turtle Shell 2.0 to run through our audio test.

I know I act like a little kid, but whenever something is water resistant in the slightest, it’s ten times more fun to review…

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Review: Slickwraps Glow in the Dark Cover for Pebble Smart Watches

I like my Pebble, but I’m paranoid about scratching it. Sure a Steel version is coming soon, but what about us folks using the plastic fantastics?

Not only does Slickwraps have a handy kit for protecting it, but we can have fun with some colors that Pebble doesn’t offer. Plus, this wrap has the unique feature of glowing in the dark. Who doesn’t love glow in the dark? Fascists. That’s who.

Let’s take a look at the Glow series Pebble cover from Slickwraps!

More info at: http://www.slickwraps.com/