Huawei P10 Audio Review: It’s OK…

We often take audio for granted, so manufacturers will also take audio for granted on our mobile electronics. The P10 has been accused of being a less exciting iteration over the P9, though processor power and camera quality are significantly improved. Did audio get a similar makeover? Let’s take a listen to the Huawei P10!
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LG Tone Studio: Wearable wireless speakers are cool!

Audio was the original wearable technology. While headphones might not always be the most exciting gadget topic, LG has a fresh take on mobile audio. Spending a week wearing them almost non-stop, here are some thoughts on the LG Tone Studio!

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LG G6 Real Audio Review: No Quad DAC, still really good

LG is making a strong showing in refining and fixing all the things they got wrong last year. Chief among our many complaints with the G5 was rather poor audio performance. Has this been addressed on the G6? Let’s take a listen!

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LG Tone Studio Speakers and Tone Free Earbuds: Listening to some truly wireless audio! CES 2017

LG unveiled a pair of audio solutions at CES. The Tone Studio and Tone Free are fresh takes on LG’s “neck band” approach to Bluetooth audio. Tone Free deliver a truly wireless (and cable-less) pair of earbuds, while Tone Studio aims to create an audio cloud which surrounds your head. Let’s take a listen!

Outdoor Tech Rhinos: Rugged Headphones at CES 2017

Good audio isn’t just for indoor conditions. Outdoor Tech is a California based company making rugged lifestyle gear. We got to take a look at the Rhino Headphones, durable water resistant cans designed for an active lifestyle.

OnePlus 3T Real Audio Review: One step forward, one step sideways?

Taking a quick listen to this end of year refresh, OnePlus is making some exciting moves with this phone. More powerful, bigger battery, but what about audio performance? Do we see (hear) the same attention to refinement? Here’s the full scoop on what your ears will get with the OnePlus 3T!

Huawei Mate 9 Real Audio Review: BIG phone, small sound?

Pocketnow’s Real Audio Review gives you the full scoop on what our phones can do with headphone and speaker playback. The Huawei Mate 9 is a BIG phone, but does that mean we get BIG audio? Let’s take a listen!

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Google Pixel XL Real Audio Review: Not up to HTC standards…

When it was announced that HTC would be manufacturing Google’s newest phone, we smartphone audio snobs were all hoping we’d see (hear) the same great sound quality we’ve come to expect from HTC. We’ve been testing the phone, and we’re now ready to report what we’ve seen (heard) on the Pixel XL!