BACtrack C6 Review: Keychain Breathalyzer – Drink Responsibly!

BACtrack C6 review! A rad piece of lifestyle tech. A night out drinking with friends can be fun, but we want to make sure it stays fun. There’s a stigma to using products like breathalyzers out in public, but BACtrack delivers one of the most discrete products I’ve ever tested. The C6 is a breathalyzer you can keep on your keychain and it delivers police grade accuracy for a crazy low price. Track your results with an app on your phone, or help your friends and family track their drinking when out and about. I put the BACtrack C6 through its paces out in Las Vegas, here were my results!

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GPS Trackers And Bluetooth Leashes: Halloween Family Safety Tech – Good Day LA

Daddy and Mommy tech I’m actually looking into for my family, the crew on Good Day LA had me on to discuss ways to keep track of your kids while trick or treating. Of course these gadgets can also be used throughout the year for the safety conscious.

Cellphone style GPS locators or Bluetooth leashes, there should be a solution here for your family.

Get the full scoop on each gadget on Good Day LA’s Halloween safety page.

Aftershokz Trekz Air: The Best Headphones for the Outdoors

If you workout outdoors, or just want to soundtrack an activity like walking the dog, bone conduction is the way to go. Aftershokz newest headset is lighter, features better audio quality, and thankfully doesn’t sacrifice on battery life. Keep your ears open!

Aftershokz Trekz Air

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Autopsy: What caused the battery to explode?

Samsung’s official press conference will stream live on January 23rd, but reports from investigators paint a picture of what might have gone wrong with this phablet.


Behind the scenes of exploding smartphones

It Can Wait Expands Message From Texting to Smartphone Use

I’m a big fan of the It Can Wait campaign, which works to reduce the number of traffic injuries and fatalities by educating people on the dangers of distracted driving.

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One key problem with their messaging however, has been the focus on “texting while driving”. As we now live most of our lives out of our phones. For many of us, the phrase “distracted driving” has been far more important, as there seems to be little functional difference in preoccupying a driver with a text over a Tweet, Facebook message, IM, email, or any other notification and interaction.

Happily It Can Wait is now moving their conversation to smartphone use of any kind. It’s a vitally important conversation for folks to have, as we move towards a world with more data enabled services, and we’re still a ways off from self-driving cars being the norm…

You can hit the video and press release below, or head to for more info and studies on distracted driving.

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Review: BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer – Police Grade Results – Stay Safe While Drinking

The BACtrack Mobile is an interesting addition to our line up of health and safety accessories. Like a fitness tracker, it gives detailed reports on your blood alcohol level, and it pairs with your phone for easy to read results while tracking your drinking over time. I took the BACtrack out for a night on the town, and here are my experiences using it!

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Review: V.ALRT is a Smart, Wearable, Panic Button for Personal Security and Care Givers

As we add more sensors and gadgets to our Personal Area Networks, VSNMOBIL is carving out a niche in personal security. The V.ALRT is a big emergency panic button which connects to your phone over bluetooth and has only one job. It sends alerts to your contacts when you might be in danger or need help. Let’s take a look at how it works!

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Review: App Trains You to Become a Better Driver

It’s rare that I find an app which instantly becomes a “must download” service for my phone. Providing a one-stop shop for all of my vehicle mileage and maintenance tracking, Dash became a mandatory service for me after about two days of use.

Connecting to your car’s computer via a Bluetooth OBDII adapter, and utilizing the sensors in your phone, Dash provides Fitbit style tracking and alerts. It aims to make you a better driver, and hopefully that will save you money in fuel and maintenance costs.

Let’s check out all the features on tap in this free app!

The OBDII Bluetooth car computer adapter I used in this video.

More info on the Dash app and service at:
Dash in the Google Play App store.
Dash in the iTunes App Store.