$100 Off Android Wear Huawei Watch for Black Friday

It’s a sexy little smartwatch watch, and you’ll be able to score one for a much lower price on Black Friday!

There’s going to be a 24 hour sale on the Huawei Watch where the most expensive variant, the black steel body with black steel bracelet, will be $100 off on most major retailers like Amazon, BestBuy, Target, Google Play, and Huawei’s site.

That’s more than 20% off. Not bad at all for a premium wearable made out of steel and sapphire which already costs less than a watch band from Apple (Apple Watch Not Included).

We recently reviewed the Huawei Watch, and you can check out this Android Wearable below!

AT&T Holiday Shopping Specials: Speakers, Headphones, Smartwatches, and Cases

Carrier stores are becoming primary stops for picking up new tech accessories. It makes sense that when you buy your phone, you’d want to be able to outfit it properly before you walk out the door.

somegadgetguy juan carlos bagnell iphone 5s launch day att store west hollywood californiaLeading up to Black Friday, phones and tablets will be hot items for a lot of folks, and to help take some pressure off wallets and purses, AT&T is launching a series of specials and sales for some great accessories.

Headphones, cases, Bluetooth speakers, FitBit smartwatches and fitness trackers, even a sale on an emergency car jump start battery. The full list is below!

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Amazon Slashes Pricing on Kindles and Fire TV for the Holidays

amazon holiday kindle saleIf you need that perfect last minute tech gift for the holidays, Amazon is hoping to entice you with some sales on their Kindle and Fire gear.

You can score $20 off Amazon Fire TV or a Kindle E-Reader, $30 off the Kindle Fire HD7 Kid Edition, but the big cuts are on the older Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 and Fire Phone.

The Fire HDX tablet is getting a $125 price reduction which puts the 16GB WiFi version at $224, and the Fire Phone is dropping by a whopping $220 unlocked, bringing the price down to $229 OFF contract. I feel like I should repeat a joke about the Amazon FireSALE phone, but that might be in poor taste.

Links below for all the Kindle sales!
Amazon Fire Phone ($229)
Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 ($224)
Amazon Fire TV ($79)
Kindle eReader ($59)
Amazon Fire HD Kid Edition ($159)

Review: The Food Network App on U-verse

It’s that time of year, where our kitchens get a work out. U-verse is partnering with The Food Network, to provide some recipe tools to the largest screen in your home.

To test the app, AT&T folks invited some fun folks over to a “Friendsgiving” house party, where the entire menu would be prepared off of recipes provided through the app.


The app is fairly easy to navigate, inspired by minimal tablet apps, with side-scrolling menu options. Tied into popular Food Network programs, you can search by recipe, ingredient, or scan through recipes recommended by various show hosts. I spent most of my time looking through Alton Brown’s recommendations. Because he is awesome. Truth.

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HTC Hot Deals Every Tuesday – Half Priced Nexus 9 Tablet and One M8 Phones

htc hot deals 2014 nexus 9 one m8 re cameraIt’s the season of giving and HTC is playing Santa.

Every Tuesday starting now through December, HTC will be running crazy savings on a limited quantity of phones and tablets. If you’re ready to jump in at 12pm Eastern, you might be able to score a Nexus 9 for half price ($199), or take $350 off a no-contract M8. It looks like each deal will only stock around 200 units for the day, so you better be quick with your browser.

Happy hunting folks!

HTC Hot Deals

Buy Your Mom a Moto X for only $299 this Mother’s Day (Sale Today Only)

moto x mothers day saleShe’s your MOM! The least you could do is get her a nice smartphone. Thankfully there’s a sale happening today on the Moto X, and you can score a 16GB model for only $299. The 32GB will run you an additional $25. You can even customize the phone’s colors to match the beautiful flowers you’re sending her for Mother’s Day.

The sale runs today through 11:59PM EDT, so get cracking! And maybe give her a call occasionally. It’s not like she gave you life and then raised you or anything. Geez…

Moto X sale on Moto Maker.

Happy Thanksgiving from SomeGadgetGuy

To all my friends and Netizens.

I hope you’re safe, warm, and doing something fun.

Now I gotta jump into some food prep!

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