Huawei P10 Audio Review: It’s OK…

We often take audio for granted, so manufacturers will also take audio for granted on our mobile electronics. The P10 has been accused of being a less exciting iteration over the P9, though processor power and camera quality are significantly improved. Did audio get a similar makeover? Let’s take a listen to the Huawei P10!
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Huawei P10 Camera Mini-Review: A Mini-Mate 9?

No no really. This phone camera is already one of my favorites of the year, but it’s VERY similar to one we’ve already reviewed. Here’s a quick mini-review of the Huawei P10 camera!
Mate 9 Real Camera Review…
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First Look at the Sexy, Sleek, Huawei P10

Refinement is the name of the game. The P10 brings some subtle touches to what we liked about the P9, and incorporates the powerful hardware we enjoyed on the Mate 9. Here’s our first look from Barcelona for MWC 2017!

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