Huawei P10 Review: Is Evolution Enough?

On paper, the Huawei P10 hasn’t lit up our audience of smartphone fans. Many folks feeling this design language, and list of improvements, is only a dull iteration. Having spent a few weeks with the phone now, has our opinion evolved? Let’s see if the Huawei P10 is better than the sum of its parts.

Mate 9 Real Camera Review…
P10 vs Mate 9…

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Huawei P10 vs Mate 9: Beauty and the Beast…

While preparing our full review, we wanted to take a quick minute to compare Huawei’s newest offering against their current phablet. There’s a lot of overlapping tech specs, but these two still seem to carve out different consumer niches. Let’s take a look at the Huawei P10 vs Mate 9!

Mate 9 Real Camera Review…

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First Look at the Sexy, Sleek, Huawei P10

Refinement is the name of the game. The P10 brings some subtle touches to what we liked about the P9, and incorporates the powerful hardware we enjoyed on the Mate 9. Here’s our first look from Barcelona for MWC 2017!

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Huawei Watch 2 First Look – Chunky Fun?

A fairly stark change in design for Huawei wearables, this Android Wear 2.0 watch is a significant departure from the original Huawei Watch. Here’s our first look after wearing it for 24 hours!

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Smartphone Camera Software Blur SUCKS! – iPhone 7 Plus vs Mate 9 vs Galaxy S7 vs Pixel XL

Let’s be real. Smartphone cameras aren’t as good as REAL cameras yo. Truth. Here are the deets on four SUCKY phones, which shoot SUCKY photos, using SUCKY software blur! Bokehtastic? NOT!!!

Huawei Honor 6X Review: CES 2017 Travel Phone Success

With the LG V20 being used as a back up production camera and audio recorder, we needed a phone solely for team communication. The Honor 6X filled that role nicely. Here’s our full review of Huawei’s newest inexpensive handset.

Dual Smartphone Cameras Explained: The best photo fit for you?

We saw several dual camera experiments from manufacturers in 2016. Which phone manufacturer delivered the best solution for you? Let’s take a look at what Huawei, LG, and Apple have to offer!

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Just when we thought we were done, Huawei delivers a killer update for the Mate 9 which included some camera improvements. After re-shooting some of our tests, how does this beast of a phone stack up to the competition? Here’s our Huawei Mate 9 Real Camera Review!

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