App: Review Hyperlapse Mobile for Windows Phone and Android – Plus iOS Instagram Comparison

Microsoft Research has delivered mobile and desktop apps to help us smooth out video and create dynamic timelapse projects with fluid movement. Let’s take a look at Hyperlapse Mobile, and how it compares to Instagram’s Hyperlapse app for iOS!

More info on Hyperlapse (Microsoft Research).

Microsoft’s Hyperlapse Might Come to Windows Phone

microsoft research hyperlapseWe reported on Microsoft’s Hyperlapse project last August. While Instagram might have an iPhone app which provides for simplified timelapse tools, Microsoft’s solution is a sophisticated 3D rendering program which radically smooths out videos shot from 1st person perspective cameras like a GoPro or Google Glass. It’s incredible output, and I would highly recommend checking out the project video below.

It’s now being reported by Microsoft Insider, that there’s an internal BETA for a phone version of Hyperlapse, and that the app was updated as recently as March 25th. This could be a fantastically fun feature to bring to Windows Phones, and would be yet another class leading photo/video feature to land on Lumia devices.

Of course, we’ll need to wait and see if this is brought to market soon, with Windows 10, or ever.

(via Microsoft Insider)

Instagram Shows Off Hyperlapse App to Smooth Out Video and Time Lapse

hyerlapseHyperlapse is becoming something of a buzz word. It’s essentially a time lapse video, but with more (and smoother) movement. Microsoft recently showed off an incredibly complex and beautiful method to achieve fluid time lapse video. Now Instagram is taking the wraps off of their solution.

It’s novel in its simplicity. Many phones incorporate some form of electronic image stabilization. Instagram’s Hyperlapse app will use the sensors in your phone to detect movement, and then it’ll filter that movement out to give you a smoother tracking shot. As it detects movement in real time while recording, it’s unknown if the app will be able to import and smooth out previously shot video.

The UI is incredibly simple. Push big red button to capture video. Once Finished capturing, there’s a slider to change playback speed from 1X to 12X, and then you have the option to share that video with Instagram or Facebook.

As this is Instagram, it’s iPhone only for now, as they’re sorting out Android API’s, and it’s doubtful we’ll see this on Windows Phone (and those incredible Nokia cameras) any time soon. It is live now for you iOS folks though on the App Store.

See another sample from Hyperlapse below!
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