All Three Seasons of MTV’s Liquid Television available on for FREE

The transfers are terrible. The audio is hissy and noisy. The resolution is low. The aspect ratio is old.

And none of that matters.

The huge wave of nostalgia is legit. Liquid Television was MTV’s animation and sketch showcase, providing real cable TV airtime to independent producers and animators. Often silly, sometimes trippy, occasionally profound. This was the birthplace for properties like Aeon Flux and Beavis and Butthead.

A user by the name of “MTV” has uploaded all three (poorly transfered) seasons up to It doesn’t appear to be an authorized account actually representing the (former) Music Television cable channel. The uploads are under a Public Domain license, which also doesn’t make a lot of sense from a Viacom owned brand. You might need to jump on these before they’re pulled.

I’ll always have fond memories of staying up late to watch content which felt so subversive for the time. That feeling of unease and awe. Even if you’re not a 90’s kid, you can get a really good look at indie production before we had the internet as a distribution platform.

MTV’s Liquid Television on

‘1984’ Tops Best Seller List, but You Can Get the eBook and AudioBook for Free!

For no specific reason that I can think of, George Orwell’s 1984 is topping best seller lists. Probably just a bunch people who enjoy dystopian literature randomly decided to buy it all around the same time. No reason. Certainly couldn’t have anything to do with the news or current events. Perish the thought.

For any folks interested in reading this novel about war and propaganda, you can buy it, but it’s also available for free as a PDF and as an Audiobook on

Download 1984 as a PDF and as an Audiobook.

Friday Freebie: Play Hundreds of Classic Arcade Games inYour Browser at

Screenshot (238)The Internet Archive is a terrific resource for finding old media, from classic films in the Public Domain to old versions of web sites. Recently they branched out into archiving video games, and now they’re announcing a treasure trove of classic arcade games.

Over 900 old school coin-op games are now available to play through your browser for free! They join a growing collection of consoles like the Atari 2600, Colecovision, and Sega Genesis.

It’s an easy way to waste a little time this weekend. Enjoy!

Internet Archive: Internet Arcade