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#SGGQA 13: iPhone 6S 1st Impressions, How Much Do Gadgets REALLY Cost, and YOUR Tech Questions!

NEW IPHONE DAY! This week’s show, I’m back from the AT&T store with a launch day iPhone 6S. We talk about what it costs to really produce a gadget, and I answer your tech questions live on the air! Make sure you’re charged and ready! It’s Podcast Time!

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Apple Unveils the iPhone 6S, iPad Pro, and Apple Watch Updates at Special Event

Apple dropped the bomb on a ton of new products during their yearly keynote!

Apple keynote wwdc 2015Screenshot (11)_result
Apple Watch Updates

Apple Watch will be getting updates for richer notifications, and a new view controlled via the crown to scan through your day called “Third Party Complications.

Future 3rd party apps coming to the Watch, Facebook Messenger will be bringing chat features, and Go Pro will enable live video streaming from their cameras straight to the watch screen to use a wrist mounted screen as the viewfinder.

Apple keynote wwdc 2015Screenshot (8)_resultWe’ll also see more focus on health care apps and fitness tracking. The new Watch OS will provide better tools for the hardware for tracking vitals, and sending health data to physicians.

Lastly new watch bodies and bands are coming. Gold and Rose Gold Apple Watch Sport in aluminum will join new bands for the same price as the current Sport. There will also be a new Product Red StainlessĀ  model where a portion of all sales will go towards fighting HIV/AIDS.

Apple keynote wwdc 2015Screenshot (12)_resultAll new Apple Watch models will start shipping today. The Apple Watch OS2 update will be coming September 16.

New iPadApple keynote wwdc 2015Screenshot (19)_result
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Android Wear Smartwatches Now Work With iPhones

AndroidWearforiOSIt’s a good day for iOS users who like choices.

Sure Apple has their own watch, but if you’ve been eyeing the diversity of hardware in the Google ecosystem with envy, now you can use Android Wear without giving up your precious iPhone.

Starting today, any iPhone running iOS 8.2 or higher can install the Wear companion app through iTunes. Compatible with all current Wear watches, and you’ll have access to features like your notifications, fitness tracking, and “OK Google” voice search.

I know you’ve been checking out those round watch faces like the LG G Watch R… Don’t lie… You can catch the full press release below.
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Sennheiser ClipMic Digital Lav Microphone for iPhone and iPad Review

Pretty video isn’t much fun to watch if your audio is terrible. Sennheiser has partnered with Apogee to bring their popular professional ME2 Lav Microphone to iOS devices. How does it sound? Let’s take a listen!

Shop the ClipMic on Amazon.
More info on Sennheiser products.

Will Apple Ever Kill the 16GB iPhone?

It’s that time folks. We’re getting close enough to the launch of a new iPhone for the rumor mill to kick into high gear. Around this time last year, many were praising the merits of sapphire for phone screens, only to have Apple omit that particular lifestyle feature.

Now with the 6S and 6S+ on the horizon, iOS fans are wondering if we’ll see improvements to storage.

This generation, Apple took a great step up for their mid-tier iPhone. Instead of spending $100 to bump up your phone to 32GB, you would receive a whopping 64GB. Unfortunately the base model iPhone remained at 16GB, which is a bit lean for a modern smartphone. Even 32GB can feel a bit cramped these days.

We’re expecting improvements to the camera, likely resulting in larger photos and video files. Phones are often a primary device for storing music, our apps are getting more demanding, and OS updates require a certain percentage of your storage to be unused and available. We ask a lot of our smartphones, and lacking the ability to upgrade the storage on an iPhone means users have to monitor their geebees very closely on that first tier iPhone. Continue reading Will Apple Ever Kill the 16GB iPhone?

Google Photos App: New Features and Filters – The Full Scoop!

Borrowing inspiration from Apple Photos and Lumia Storyteller, Google has given their Photos app a fresh coat of paint. Combined with Unlimited storage for compressed photos and videos, it’s a nice step in the right direction for cleaning up the disparity between Manufacturer photo gallery apps and Google Plus. Let’s take a full tour through all the new features and tools!

Microsoft’s Cortana Coming to Android and iOS

cortanaAs part of their roll out for Windows 10, Microsoft will be making their services as accessible as possible to people on all operating systems. They’ll be delivering music apps, for example, which will tie into OneDrive for people to stream their entire music collection anywhere they have data.

Most interesting however is the recent reveal that their digital assistant Cortana will also be going cross platform. Syncing any phone with a Windows 10 PC will setup their companion app which provides deep integration with services on the phone.

Similar to Google Now and Siri, Cortana can look for relevant information in emails and calendar entries, and can respond to voice commands. She’s become popular for having a bit more personality than offerings from Google or Apple.

It’s an interesting move from Microsoft as they shift away from making popular services exclusive to their ecosystem, and opens the door to broad adoption from people on every platform. You can catch more info in their announcement video below.

(via Microsoft)

Does the iPhone Need a Back Button? Halo Back Kickstarter Project Raises $100,000.

halo back kickstarter project iphone back buttonI think the iPhone’s home button is a bit over-worked. Single press, double press, long press, music functionality, and an accessibility custom triple press. At some point some other hardware control might help this poor beleaguered button.

Kickstarter project Halo Back is looking to aid the home button with a special screen protector that will add a bottom mounted back button. As the iPhone has gotten larger, reaching up to the top of the screen for those apps that have software back buttons isn’t quite as convenient as it used to be.

It would seem a number of people agree with Halo Back as the project has already raised over $100,000, over five times their initial goal, and there’s still sixteen days left to back the project.

You can watch their pitch video below, or head directly to their project page for more info.