Wi-Fi Calling Now Available for iPhone 6 and 6S

We’re taking more steps towards all communication on mobile devices moving to data.

Now users on the iPhone 6 and 6S running iOS 9 will have access to WiFi calling on AT&T. This feature will be built into post-paid plans, and wont affect any current services the consumer might be paying for.

ATT logoWiFi calling allows people to move voice calls to data networks, without managing separate VOIP phone numbers, and can makes for a handy solution in areas with poor call quality. Once this feature is enabled, text messages can also travel over WiFi.

While we’ve seen services like Google Voice in the past, AT&T has recently been making moves to incorporate more cell connection “mobility”. Supporting products like the Gear S smartwatch which could move calls back and forth between the SIM in your phone and the SIM on your wrist. Earlier this year at their developer conference, they showed off demos of people moving video calls seamlessly between PC and phone, all tied to the phone number on their plan.

Moving forward, it seems your phone number will be less a static way to call someone, and more your Login ID for richer data driven communication.

You can read the full press release below.

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SomeGadgetGuy B-Day Contest 04: Ztylus Camera System for iPhone 6!

It’s my birthday, but YOU get the presents! Want to win an amazing camera lens case for the iPhone 6? Of course you do! Here’s how you can enter into this contest. You can see samples from the Ztylus camera case here.

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Case Review: Speck MightyShell + FacePlate for the iPhone 6 – Fun Design and Durable

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Review: JimmyCase Wood Bumper Wallet Case for iPhone 6 – Handmade in Los Angeles!

I like unique and funky style! I like Natural Fiber cases for our electronics! I like supporting local jobs! The JimmyCase nails all three! Let’s take a look at their wallet bumper case for the iPhone 6!

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Review: Dog & Bone Wetsuit case for iPhone 6 – Slim, Rugged, and Waterproof!

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FFC VLOG: Will the iPhone 6 EVER be able to shoot 4K? NO. Here’s why. (shot on LG G3)

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CTIA 2014 – OtterBox iPhone 6 Cases and Alpha Glass Privacy Shield

OtterBox was on the CTIA showing off their new cases due to arrive soon after the launch of the iPhone 6. The Defender is getting an even more durable hard shell in an overall slimmer form factor, and they’ll be releasing a new privacy filter Alpha Glass screen protector.

How the #%@& do you remove an OtterBox Defender Case?