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Successful Kickstarter Project Lume Cube Now Available to Improve Your Photo & Video Lighting

lumecube wet 2Mobile photogs and cinematographers know the pain of setting up shots and trying to pull off great images when they lighting doesn’t cooperate. The flashes on our phones are often insufficient for “nice” lighting, and the fact that they’re so close to the camera sensor can create issues with reflections.

The folks at Lume Cube are looking to change up how we illuminate our images. Lume Cube is a small cube with a bright light built in, and it has a rechargeable battery for on the go use. It’s controlled remotely from your phone, and the Lume app can control multiple cubes for additional lighting. Instead of a traditional burst flash sync, it’s a steady LED light for both photos and videos.

lumecube goproThe company had a successful run on Kickstarter, and now the Cube is available for purchase through LumeCube.com or through WalMart and B&H. Alongside the Cube, they’ve also released mounting kits for connecting the cube to a DSLR hotshoe or adding a GoPro style mount to multiple Cube lights. Nice to see it’s already well accessorized.

I’ve been in situations trying to shoot on my phone where I’ve needed additional light, and have resorted to using another phone’s flash as an angled spot light. Lume Cube looks like it could be a potential solution to that issue, and is another accessory which should help legitimize mobile phone photo and video as we produce more professional content from consumer devices.

You can catch more info at https://www.lumecube.com/

Does the iPhone Need a Back Button? Halo Back Kickstarter Project Raises $100,000.

halo back kickstarter project iphone back buttonI think the iPhone’s home button is a bit over-worked. Single press, double press, long press, music functionality, and an accessibility custom triple press. At some point some other hardware control might help this poor beleaguered button.

Kickstarter project Halo Back is looking to aid the home button with a special screen protector that will add a bottom mounted back button. As the iPhone has gotten larger, reaching up to the top of the screen for those apps that have software back buttons isn’t quite as convenient as it used to be.

It would seem a number of people agree with Halo Back as the project has already raised over $100,000, over five times their initial goal, and there’s still sixteen days left to back the project.

You can watch their pitch video below, or head directly to their project page for more info.

Friday Fun: ‘The Flash’ Cast Sings the Theme Song to ‘Firefly’

jesse l martin the flash firefly singing kickstarterIt’s really fun to see circular fandom between actors and showrunners.

Jesse L Martin is self producing a short film, and fundraising on Kickstarter. Joss Whedon apparently pledged “an outstanding amount” to the project. To thank him, Martin grabbed Flash co-stars Rick Cosnett and Carlos Valdes for a little a capella rendition of the Firefly theme. Take a listen.

We also know that Grant Gustin who plays Barry Allen on the show can carry a tune, so maybe a musical episode might be in our future?

KickStarter Watch: Andromium Wants to Turn Your Phone Into a Desktop PC

We keep seeing the promise of this never completely fulfilled. Docking a phone into a tablet or a laptop shell. Running custom versions of Linux to reorganize the UI for a more PC like experience when plugged into a larger screen.

andromium demo image

Kickstarter project Andromium thinks they have the solution for using your phone as the brain of a home computing environment. A simple cradle connects to PC peripherals, and custom software borrows the more successful elements of OSX and Windows for a familiar PC look.

With our phones becoming more and more powerful, the idea of a ubiquitous data experience doesn’t seem too far fetched, and the lead designer of this project was formerly a Senior Engineer at Google. The project already looks like it’ll be compatible with several Samsung phones, with more handsets to follow. Best of all the dock doesn’t look like it’ll be prohibitively expensive if the project is funded with an expected retail price of $39.95.

Andromium (Kickstarter)

‘Reading Rainbow’ Crushes Crowd Funding Goals – LeVar Burton Thanks Supporters on Youtube

reading rainbow online kickstarterLeVar Burton is trying to bring Reading Rainbow to the web and produce a specialized classroom version of the show which will be freely available to educators. Their goal for the project? $1,000,000.

With 33 days to go on the project backers have already pledged $2.5 Million.

Produced from 1983 to 2006, the project producers believe that the next frontier to help improve child literacy isn’t TV, but the internet. The fact that the project reached its goal before the end of its first day, it would appear a lot of people would agree. An emotional LeVar Burton took to Youtube to express his thanks.

The project still has a month to go, and there are plenty of fun perks left to grab. Head on over to the Kickstarter page to check it out, but you don’t have to take my word for it…

Time Bending First Person Shooter ‘SuperHot’ now on Kickstarter

super hot game playWe posted about SuperHot last year, a standalone, free, indie game with a novel mechanic. Time only moves when you move.

Now it looks like the developers are looking to expand the concept and they’re turning to Kickstarter to raise funds for a follow up. In it’s first day, it’s already grabbed $88,000 towards it’s $100,000 goal. We can be fairly sure they’ll not only make that goal over the next 29 days,¬†they might need to come up with some stretch goals…

The game’s design is currently very simplistic, but the developers absolutely nailed an eerie and interesting atmosphere. With an actual budget, they’re hoping to polish up the whole experience.

It’s a killer concept, and it’ll only take $14 to snag a copy of the finished product. We’ve got more info after the jump, or you can head directly to Kickstarter to support the project.

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1st Impressions: Hands on Pebble Smart Watch and Android App

We’ve played with the Martian. We’ve spent time with the Gear. We detailed the Toq.

Now it’s time to play with everyone’s favorite Kickstarter success sweetheart! Let’s take a look at Pebble, what the software looks like, how the screen responds to sunlight, and being soaked in water!

Is this the solution for wearing your notifications on your wrist?

Shop for Pebble.