Kodak Orbit360 4K VR Action Camera: CES 2017 Hands On

Kodak showed off the third generation 360 degree camera on the CES 2017 show floor! With so much support for VR, here’s one way consumers can create their own immersive content!

Kodak Super 8 Camera and the Return of Ektachrome Film! CES 2017

Analog is making a comeback. Kodak is bringing back Ektachrome film for a new generation of Super 8 cameras. The Super 8 Camera features some new tricks like audio input and a handy flip out LCD. We’re way more excited for a film camera than we should be…

Kodak Updates Pixpro SP360 Software for Better Youtube 360 Degree Video Support

kodak pixpro beta software sp360 youtube 360 degree video support somegadgetguyKodak’s Pixpro SP360 is one of the first consumer accessible cameras to properly support Youtube’s new 360 video feature, but the way Kodak produced panoramic video didn’t work very well with how Youtube implemented the feature.

Over the weekend, the Pixpro team released BETA desktop software which provides a new Youtube Compatible format, and the results are night and day better.

Previously, you had to convert the video into a thin strip panorama for Youtube to recognize it, which would distort the vertical axis. Here’s our first 360 degree test with the SP360.

Now re-uploading the same video after rendering through the new Youtube mode!

It’s an exciting new feature, allowing people to shoot immersive and interactive content, and it’s always a good sign to see companies updating and improving their products to support new features!

SomeGadgetGuy Youtube 360 Degree Video Test Shot on Kodak PixPro SP360!

You can now upload 360 degree video to Youtube! This will be amazing for Google Cardboard and VR headsets, but even viewing it on a phone or in a browser, it’s a really immersive way to interact with content!

Here’s a quick tour of my completely trashed office shot on the Kodak Pixpro SP360! Make sure to view this in Google Chrome or through the Android Youtube App, otherwise you’ll just see a regular wide angle video.

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Raw “square” video from the SP360.

Youtube Now Supports 360 Degree Video in Android and Chrome!

youtube panorama video 360 degree demoWe’re on the edge of a whole new generation of consumer produced immersive and interactive content. After playing with cameras like the Kodak PixPro SP360, which can shoot panorama video, we’ll soon be sharing immersive experiences that put people in the middle of a memory.

Activated on Youtube, when watching special panoramic videos through the chrome browser you’ll be able to “look around” a scene with side mounted controls. When viewed through the Android app, your phone’s accelerometer will allow you to tilt your phone screen around to see whats happening all around you.

This is a really exciting move, as it positions Youtube as an early resource for user generated 360 degree and virtual reality content. You can see an example video from MY OFFICE below.

Review: Kodak Pixpro SP360 Action Camera with Extreme Accessories Kit

I was a really big fan of Kodak’s Pixpro SP1 Action Camera, and JK Imaging is adding to the line up with a new action camera capable of shooting panoramic video! Let’s take a look at a little adventure cam which captures a full 360 degree view of your exploits!

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Review: The Kodak PIXPRO AZ522 camera with 52X Zoom

Kodak AZ522 SomeGadgetGuy

Back from the Chapter 11 ashes, JK Imaging is reviving the Kodak brand, and iterating quickly on a variety of different photography solutions.

The AZ522 is their flagship point and shoot, utilizing a crazy optical zoom. Is that long zoom enough to compete in a world of terrific smartphone cameras? Let’s take a look!

Photo Samples from the PIXPRO AZ522
Kodak Badge PIXPRO AZ522 SomeGadgetGuy Review