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Smartwatches 2017: What do you need to know? – Laura Fagan

I discuss the major players in the smartwatch world, and how finding the right solution for you may not be as hard as you think!

Blog version: https://myspecious.com/2017/04/29/sma…

Watches Featured:

Apple Watch https://www.apple.com/watch/
Andriod Wear https://www.android.com/wear/
Casio https://wsd.casio.com
Fossil https://www.fossil.com/us/en/wearable…
Pebble https://www.razerzone.com/nabu-watch/
Razer https://www.razerzone.com/nabu-watch/
Martian https://www.martianwatches.com

A Beginners Guide to Battery Packs – Laura Fagan

Laura Fagan, producer of Should You Care, takes a closer look at portable batteries and chargers for your lifestyle electronics. Capacity? Amperage? What should you know about your mobile charger?

Should You Care: Tech Bags for Women – Laura Fagan

Why aren’t Women’s tech bags a mainstream option for women? We go through some options of stylish bags that will help you protect your gear!

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